Restorative Dentistry

Restore missing and damaged teeth with Dr. BorioRestorative dentistry services restore damaged or lost teeth and help elevate your oral health, even if you’ve had oral health problems in the past. Restorative dentistry services are services that fix problems and help you get your smile back. Our restorative dentistry services help your smile be full, healthy, and beautiful.

At our practice we offer a wide range of restorative dentistry treatments including:

COMPOSITE FILLINGS | When a patient gets a cavity, Dr. Borio can fix it with a composite filling. At our practice we don’t use metal fillings. Instead, to fill your cavity, Dr. Borio uses a composite mixture that is perfectly safe, effective, and natural looking. Our composite fillings mimic the color of your natural teeth. Even if you’ve had a lot of cavities, the people you meet on the street won’t be able to tell you’ve had any restorative dentistry work done. Our composite fillings can protect your teeth from future decay, and help your teeth last.

CROWNS AND BRIDGES | If a tooth becomes damaged beyond what could be fixed with a composite filling, Dr. Borio can save that damaged tooth instead of extracting it with a dental crown or a dental bridge. Dr. Borio’s bridges and crowns are made with a high quality, beautiful porcelain. They cap the damaged teeth and protect them from future damage. A bridge can even be used to replace a lost tooth so that you can eat, speak and smile normally again.

IMPLANT RESTORATIONS | If your tooth implant has become damaged, Dr. Borio can repair the implant. Dr. Borio offers high quality, exceptional implant restorations to patients who have received an implant dentistry service. Implant dentistry can be used to replace missing teeth and support dentures. If you already have an implant, but it has been damaged, Dr. Borio can fix it and help your implant live a long and durable tooth life.

At our practice, we want our patients to experience optimum oral health. If you’ve suffered from bad oral health problems in the past like tooth decay, damage, or tooth loss, you can still have the kind of oral health and the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

To find out more about our restorative dentistry treatments, contact us at our office to set up an appointment.

We truly care for our patients and want to do everything possible to ensure their lifelong oral health, this is why you should consider visiting us for a second opinion.





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