About three years ago I was visiting a root canal specialist looking for a fix for one of my failing teeth. He said: “I am glad to do that for you, but you need to see a dentist because you have much more to do than just a root canal”. I ask if he can recommend someone. He then asks what my first priority is: price or quality. I said definitely quality and he immediately replied: Dr. Borio.

From that moment on Dr. Borio was my dentist, and I am very glad I made that decision. As mentioned before, I needed major restorations, and for about three years I have been through numerous implants, bone graft, healing , temporary appliances, etc. Dr. Borio put together a comprehensive plan in a few stages, and we spent a lot of time discussing about options, benefits, risks etc. During all this long treatment, Dr. Borio and his team was treating me with the most care, understanding and professionalism I could hope for. Now at the end of this long endeavor, I am very happy with my smile, the way I can eat, and my overall oral hygiene. I haven’t had this nice feeling in the last 20 years or more.

If my sister, my father, or my best friend would ask me to recommend a dentist, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second: Dr. Borio.

Dan Stefan

As a practicing orthodontist, I have the opportunity to interact with patients that come from many different referring dental offices. I have had the privilege of knowing Ed Borio personally and professionally for over 10 years and I can say without hesitation that he is a consummate professional. Dr. Borio is interested in managing risk for his patients and providing solutions that are meant to last a lifetime. When I am consulting with patients that have been referred to me from Dr. Borio’s office, I am struck by how prepared they are for the visit. It is as if they have already heard the information that I am presenting to them! He is thorough and thoughtful in his approach and his patients benefit greatly as a result of his countless hours of continuing education.

He is recognized as a leader in the dental community amongst his peers and he gives freely of his time and talents to mentor others in the profession. Ed Borio is the kind of practitioner that makes those around him better.

Scott Tyler DDS MS
Specialists in Orthodontics

I have known Dr. Borio for almost a decade. Over this period we have shared many patients. I have always admired his clinical skills, expertise, passion for excellence and quest for perfection. He makes treatment recommendations with patient’s best interest in mind and has consistently achieved excellent results. The patients I see from Ed’s office are well informed. Additionally, the communication I receive from him and his office is complete and thorough, eliminating any possible confusion as to what the patient’s needs are. High standards are maintained throughout all areas of patient care including material and laboratory selection.

Dr. Abbey Sayed

I have been a patient of Dr. Borio for at least 14 years, and they have never failed the test of excellence. Never! All treatments that I have had in the past are always completed within the allotted time. Treatments are always explained in advance with all questions answered before any treatment is received.

The office is a very warm environment in more ways than one. The staff is very professional, with a very friendly inviting atmosphere. The décor is not of a “typical” medical office. Dr. Borio took the time to choose very warm, non-sterile colors. It is a very comfortable environment. It is also nice to see a professional displaying his family photos around the office. It makes a nice connection with Dr. Borio. I also love that the staff takes the time to ask how the patient is doing re: family, business, & personal interests. Everyone is always smiling, which in turn makes coming to a dentist appointment much more relaxing.

I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Borio and his staff, so when my treatments are complete, I feel that I have and had the best work done for my personal dental issues. There is never a doubt in my mind the competence and capability of Dr. Borio, his staff and the dental work and decisions made.

Kim Boudreau-Smith

When I moved to Michigan 9 years ago it was recommended from several friends that I see Dr. Borio. My first time visit to Dr. Borio’s Dental office was for extensive root canal and bridge work. I am pleased that I followed up this recommendation. Dr. Borio works in a very professional way, trustworthy and sensible in his approach. He is not critical of previous dentistry but offers advice on treatment needed. He is committed to a very high standard of work, he is very approachable and understands best what is required. He and his team demonstrate their high standards and friendliness every time I visit. The work performed is top class work that is executed without having to wait.

With the latest fitting of veneers and new bridges I left with a smile and when the numb feeling was gone I was pain free. Besides the professional work, it is very clean in his clinic, the work place has high hygiene standards along with excellent staff. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Borio and his clinic to anyone who is in need for outstanding dental services. My experiences surpass any dental work I had in the past whether it was here in Michigan or abroad.

Thanks Dr. Borio and Staff
Stefan Kroenung

My experience with the Dr. Borio and his office staff has been great from beginning to end.

As far as expectations go, Dr. Borio definitely exceeded them.  He really took the time to research and deal with my case appropriately. This enabled me to feel comfortable and confident. Down my long road of treatment, I always felt informed and reassured and this made things go by quicker. The office atmosphere has always been great and the staff superior! Every visit I was greeted with smiling faces. I have always felt part of their family! I would definitely refer this office to anyone looking for a great dentist. On a scale of 1 to 10 this office was an 11 ++++

Dr. Borio and Staff , Thank you for caring.

Your Friend Always,

We moved our family’s dental care to Borio Dental three years ago.  The quality of care we receive is extraordinary, and our family’s dental health has improved significantly.  The office is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and Dr. Borio and his staff practice the latest techniques in dental service.  It is the people, though, that make Borio Dental truly special.  Ed Borio and his staff are friendly, knowledgeable and professional. They take a personal interest in each of our family members, and take the time to connect with us.   Ed Borio is calm and reassuring, and we know we are receiving the highest quality of care.  We are delighted we made the move to Borio Dental—we just wish we had done it sooner!!

Susan and Geoff Hill

It’s hard to describe how happy I am with the care I have received from Dr. Borio and his staff over the past several years. He designed and organized a complete and complex course of treatment that involved a several other physicians, then worked to put the whole thing together for me. The final result is just extraordinary…I haven’t been this comfortable eating in at least 10 years, and my teeth look GREAT! The professionalism and quality of care have been over-the-top. I would gladly recommend him to anyone seeking the very best dental care.

Chris Brown

If you hope to find dental professionals who are responsive, skilled, efficient, empathic, friendly and truly care about you, look no further. Dr. Borio and his team have transformed my smile and oral health. I am 58 years old and over the last 10 years seen a variety of dental professionals. This team is outstanding! From accurately diagnosing and correcting bite mechanics to bonding and restoration of implants and crowns I can’t say enough. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this practice to the most discerning individual. They employ state of the art technology in their work and even send emails and texts reminding you of your appointments. Never thought I would look forward to dental appointments but….
Pam Hicks