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About three years ago I was visiting a root canal specialist looking for a fix for one of my failing teeth. He said: “I am glad to do that for you, but you need to see a dentist because you have much more to do than just a root canal”. I ask if he can recommend someone. He then asks what my first priority is: price or quality. I said definitely quality and he immediately replied: Dr. Borio. From that moment on Dr. Borio was my dentist, and I am very glad I made that decision. As mentioned before, I needed major restorations, and for about three years I have been through numerous implants, bone graft, healing , temporary appliances, etc. Dr. Borio put together a comprehensive plan in a few stages, and we spent a lot of time discussing about options, benefits, risks etc. During all this long treatment, Dr. Borio and his team was treating me with the most care, understanding and professionalism I could hope for. Now at the end of this long endeavor, I am very happy with my smile, the way I can eat, and my overall oral hygiene. I haven’t had this nice feeling in the last 20 years or more. If my sister, my father, or my best friend would ask me to recommend a dentist, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second: Dr. Borio. Dan Stefan
As a practicing orthodontist, I have the opportunity to interact with patients that come from many different referring dental offices. I have had the privilege of knowing Ed Borio personally and professionally for over 10 years and I can say without hesitation that he is a consummate professional. Dr. Borio is interested in managing risk for his patients and providing solutions that are meant to last a lifetime. When I am consulting with patients that have been referred to me from Dr. Borio’s office, I am struck by how prepared they are for the visit. It is as if they have already heard the information that I am presenting to them! He is thorough and thoughtful in his approach and his patients benefit greatly as a result of his countless hours of continuing education. He is recognized as a leader in the dental community amongst his peers and he gives freely of his time and talents to mentor others in the profession. Ed Borio is the kind of practitioner that makes those around him better. Scott Tyler, DDS, MS Tyler|Dumas|Reyes Specialists in Orthodontics
I have known Dr. Borio for almost a decade. Over this period we have shared many patients. I have always admired his clinical skills, expertise, passion for excellence and quest for perfection. He makes treatment recommendations with patient’s best interest in mind and has consistently achieved excellent results. The patients I see from Ed’s office are well informed. Additionally, the communication I receive from him and his office is complete and thorough, eliminating any possible confusion as to what the patient’s needs are. High standards are maintained throughout all areas of patient care including material and laboratory selection. Dr. Abbey Sayed
I have been a patient of Dr. Borio for at least 14 years, and they have never failed the test of excellence. Never! All treatments that I have had in the past are always completed within the allotted time. Treatments are always explained in advance with all questions answered before any treatment is received. The office is a very warm environment in more ways than one. The staff is very professional, with a very friendly inviting atmosphere. The décor is not of a “typical” medical office. Dr. Borio took the time to choose very warm, non-sterile colors. It is a very comfortable environment. It is also nice to see a professional displaying his family photos around the office. It makes a nice connection with Dr. Borio. I also love that the staff takes the time to ask how the patient is doing re: family, business, & personal interests. Everyone is always smiling, which in turn makes coming to a dentist appointment much more relaxing. I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Borio and his staff, so when my treatments are complete, I feel that I have and had the best work done for my personal dental issues. There is never a doubt in my mind the competence and capability of Dr. Borio, his staff and the dental work and decisions made. Kim Boudreau-Smith
When I moved to Michigan 9 years ago it was recommended from several friends that I see Dr. Borio. My first time visit to Dr. Borio’s Dental office was for extensive root canal and bridge work. I am pleased that I followed up this recommendation. Dr. Borio works in a very professional way, trustworthy and sensible in his approach. He is not critical of previous dentistry but offers advice on treatment needed. He is committed to a very high standard of work, he is very approachable and understands best what is required. He and his team demonstrate their high standards and friendliness every time I visit. The work performed is top class work that is executed without having to wait. With the latest fitting of veneers and new bridges I left with a smile and when the numb feeling was gone I was pain free. Besides the professional work, it is very clean in his clinic, the work place has high hygiene standards along with excellent staff. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Borio and his clinic to anyone who is in need for outstanding dental services. My experiences surpass any dental work I had in the past whether it was here in Michigan or abroad. Thanks Dr. Borio and Staff Stefan Kroenung
My experience with the Dr. Borio and his office staff has been great from beginning to end. As far as expectations go, Dr. Borio definitely exceeded them.  He really took the time to research and deal with my case appropriately. This enabled me to feel comfortable and confident. Down my long road of treatment, I always felt informed and reassured and this made things go by quicker. The office atmosphere has always been great and the staff superior! Every visit I was greeted with smiling faces. I have always felt part of their family! I would definitely refer this office to anyone looking for a great dentist. On a scale of 1 to 10 this office was an 11 ++++ Dr. Borio and Staff, Thank you for caring. Your Friend Always, Andrea
We moved our family’s dental care to Borio Dental three years ago.  The quality of care we receive is extraordinary, and our family’s dental health has improved significantly.  The office is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and Dr. Borio and his staff practice the latest techniques in dental service.  It is the people, though, that make Borio Dental truly special.  Ed Borio and his staff are friendly, knowledgeable and professional. They take a personal interest in each of our family members, and take the time to connect with us.   Ed Borio is calm and reassuring, and we know we are receiving the highest quality of care.  We are delighted we made the move to Borio Dental—we just wish we had done it sooner!! Susan and Geoff Hill
It’s hard to describe how happy I am with the care I have received from Dr. Borio and his staff over the past several years. He designed and organized a complete and complex course of treatment that involved a several other physicians, then worked to put the whole thing together for me. The final result is just extraordinary…I haven’t been this comfortable eating in at least 10 years, and my teeth look GREAT! The professionalism and quality of care have been over-the-top. I would gladly recommend him to anyone seeking the very best dental care. Chris Brown
If you hope to find dental professionals who are responsive, skilled, efficient, empathic, friendly and truly care about you, look no further. Dr. Borio and his team have transformed my smile and oral health. I am 58 years old and over the last 10 years seen a variety of dental professionals. This team is outstanding! From accurately diagnosing and correcting bite mechanics to bonding and restoration of implants and crowns I can’t say enough. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this practice to the most discerning individual. They employ state of the art technology in their work and even send emails and texts reminding you of your appointments. Never thought I would look forward to dental appointments but…. Pam Hicks
Dr. Boro and his staff are the real deal… from their individual and collective medical expertise to their unparalleled customer service. After not going to the dentist for a long period of time (which I will not mention) I actually look forward to my appointments! Great people…every one of them. Brad Giaimo
I’m grateful that instead of going home, persons waited for me to arrive to remove a part of a stim-u-dent that was stuck between my molars. Chris Wiggins
Missed my appointment time due to my negligence but I was accepted for an adjustment of my bite. Also I was offered an appointment later that day, which I accepted. Great service, professional staff and glad to be patronizing them. Daniel Soldenski
I was in need of some crown work. Once again Dr Borio and his team were absolutely on top of their game. They covered all the requirements for Covid-19 and as usual everyone was polite, professional and accommodating. If anyone is in need of Dental Care, Dr Borio and his staff are “wonderful”. Donald Miller
required a crown and D. Borio and Staff fit me up with a temporary and back in several weeks to be greeted with nothing but smiling faces and positive vibes!!!!!!! Mark Winston
Wonderful service…… Bev does and Great Job !!! Thank-You Very Much Jim Conley
Always professional and thorough. Thank you. William Reid
I appreciate the measures Dr. Borio has taken to ensure safety for patients and his staff during the Covid pandemic. As always, it is a professional and caring environment. Linda Ebert
Excellent service in friendly and professional atmosphere. Eileen Killian
I always have a great experience with Dr. Borio and his staff! Melissa Pelletier
Very efficient and professional. I appreciate your outstanding service. Beverly Thomas
Was driving back from my vacation with a possible tooth issue. I stopped in before I went home for a quick x-ray, and was back out the door in 10 minutes. The whole Dr. Borio group has always been professional, nice and I highly recommend them. Janet Synowicz
always good Beth K
Knowledgeable. Excellent Work. Top of the line equipment. Professional staff. Had a procedure that very few if any Doctors could do. My oral surgeon ,who is also top of the line was extremely impressed with Dr. Borio’s work. That is one professional complimenting another. William Beluzo
I have been going to Dr. Borio for years for routine cleanings and unexpected dental work. And even when the news was not so great, he and his staff explains the procedure and costs (including ways to save on those costs) with clarity and compassion. I also appreciate Dr. Borio’s approach to dental care as full heath care monitoring. He takes time to explain advances in dentistry can improve or become a warning sign with your overall health. Beverly, Sallie, Trish, Amy, and everyone are like family and I cannot fathom doing anywhere else. I most certainly recommend Dr. Borio. Mark Tillman
I’m a long time client and continually appreciate how accommodating they are. Carla Barrows-Wiggins
Dr Borio has been very professional and compassionate in his work on my teeth. The staff has Always been very courteous and accommodating whenever I’ve had a problem, including any adjustments. I’ve been coming to see Dr Borio for over 5 yrs and have never had any issues with any work or procedures. A definite 5 star rating. Daniel Soldenski
Bev does a great job. George T
Had x-rays and teeth cleaned. Everything done very professionally! Joseph Konwinski
Prompt. Great attention to detail. Excellent staff and facility Jay Hults
My title says it all. Always a great experience even when I’m getting actual work performed (filling or crown). George Contis
I have been to other dentists, but feel Dr Borio and staff was truthful. Another dentist quoted me more than $17,000 for procedures that were NOT necessary. Dr Borio corrected what needed to be done for less than $2,000! I’m a “happy camper” K F
If we didn’t get great service from Dr. Borio and his staff, we would have moved to another dental practice long ago. We’ve been with him for 30 years or so which says we ALWAYS have received top quality service from him and his staff. Gary Canty
Once again Dr Borio, Beth and the entire staff were “on top of their game.” The professional approach of this team is as good as it gets. Anyone in need of great dental care should make an appointment. Donald Miller
As Usual,Dr. Borio provided excellent service in in promptly fixing a tooth just prior to Thanksgiving. Richard O’Brien
Good people; qualified. Pete Prokop
The best! Mike Randall
I’ve gone to Dr. Borio for over 15 years. I recommend him with five stars! Pat Doherty
Dr. Borio diagnosed the reason for my inflamed gums was a reaction to using toothpaste with SLS. My gums improved overnight with changing my toothpaste to one without SLS. Pat C
After MIA for 2 years for a multitude of reasons…………..found myself excited about my dental appointment???????? Trish, Sallie, Bev…….who wouldn’t be. Welcomed by a bright, energetic and professional staff followed up by Dr. Borio, doesn’t get any better!!!!!! Mark Winston
I was very impressed with the exam. Never had should a detailed dental exam. isabel L
The service was excellent. It was professional, efficient and friendly. Beverly Thomas
Been going to dr borio since i was a young padawan. Can’t imagine going to a different, or better dentist! Matt Berels
I am always impressed by the professionalism that Dr. Borio and his staff exhibit. Great experience which isn’t always said about visiting your dentist. 🙂 Linda Emert-Grimm
Great and fast mariam noland
The review title says it all. Ken Christensen
Great team. Very professional J Bickers
I had a crown become loose while flossing. I called the office and they set up an appointment at my earliest convenience. Dr. Borio carefully examined the tooth and crown and determined it could be recemented. I’ve heard of other practices where this would have resulted in a brand new crown, with the added cost, no matter what. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Borio for many years and know he will always do what is best for the patient. Gary Canty
I enjoy the friendly and very efficient staff. Ken Christensen
Great service as well Dan Israel
Totally satisfied with the appointment – from beginning to end. Can’t think of a way to improve on it Thanks John Grigaitis
Very happy with my visit today. Thanks Faith Gaudaen
Great Experienced Dentist. Sheila Konwinski
Dr. Borio and team always delivers the highest of quality. Artistry, rooted in science. 🙂 Kelly M
good hands and caring John Nori
Professional, courteous and quality are what you get at this establishment Daniel Soldenski
As always Dr. Borio and his staff provided a wonderful and professional care. After living out of town for several years it felt wonderful to come back to familiar and friendly dentist office. Kasia Perry
Love Dr. Borio and his staff Excellent with kids Sara Young
High quality service, professional and friendly!!
Mike Randall
Always friendly, professional and excellent! David Olsen
Dr. Borio has been my dentist for over 6 years. I called his office at 7 am this morning and spoke with Sallie, one of the VERY friendly receptionists/assistants! I had an emergency causing me a lot of pain. They were able to see me that morning, and I was feeling better right away. The entire staff is kind, friendly and caring. I am always reassured when I go in for an appointment with either the dentist or my hygienist (Bev) as they are always very concerned about my comfort and well being, whether it is a filling, crown (I have had 6) or a cleaning. And, I feel as if I am getting professional, excellent care as well! Heidi C
We love everyone at this practice from the receptionists, to the hygienists to the doctor. All very caring and professional. Susan Pilipchuk
I had a slight emergency so I called the office and they gave me an appointment time the same afternoon. After about 30 minutes the problem was fixed and I was on my way. Great prompt professional service when I needed it most! Don Miller
Dr Borio is highly skilled and truly compassionate. His staff is top notch. His office is state of the art. What a difference from my previous dentist. I could not recommend him enough. Pete Chelovich
I needed to have some minor cosmetic work repaired. As usual, I was greeted by name right on time, immediately seen by Dr. Borio, and the repair work was finished in under 20 minutes. Dr. Borio has been my dentist for 8 years, and will continue to be so! William Miles
Dr. Borio and his high quality staff aced this one! Having not been to the dentist in quite some time (trust me you don’t want to know) Dr. Borios’ knowledge, professionalism, thoroughness and “chair side” manner made me want to kick myself for waiting so long. My main reason for going was my concern about an article I read that links Alzheimer’s and bad oral health. Dr. Borio was all over that topic which lead to a very interesting discussion. Heck…he even lent me a book to read more about it! As I expected my first exam indicated that I have a number issues that need to be addressed but the good Dr. explained clearly the process and the reasons for moving forward in the methodical way he proposed. The decisions were left up to me and I never felt pressured in any way. So far, so good. Great first impression! Thank you. Brad Giaimo
Dr Borio was very professional and reassuring. Staff was very pleasant and friendly. Deborah clark
Efficient, friendly and thorough. It’s nice to be able to say a trip to the Dentist is a pleasant experience. John Green
Very professional. Quality atmosphere and great staff. Patti McKinney
I am very pleased with my first meeting with Dr. Borio and his high quality staff, both for, as I said above, its thoroughness from a dental standpoint, but also from a general health perspective. After all, our mouths are attached to the rest of our body… I like the clear and specific explanations I received. Excited to get back on track with my mouth which definitely has its challenges! Maureen Monte
Everything went as expected! Joseph Konwinski
Makes going to the dentist easy. Heath Norton
I love their customer service, nice people in the office with smiles. I always look forward for teeth cleaning with Katherine! Lena S
My appointment was for my regular tooth cleaning and checkup. Trish at reception always greets me by name and welcomes me. Bev, my hygienist, greeted me immediately, no waiting. She reviewed all the dental/medical information – and is always friendly and professional, and informative. Her skills are excellent. Dr. Borio came in to check on me, and discovered something new on my tongue, referring me to an oral surgeon. He’s always personable, very skillful, informative, educational – an excellent dentist. Larry Lipton
Can’t imagine a better dental practice than Dr. Borio and his awesome team! Sandy Monahan
As always, Dr Borio and the staff were professional, courteous, polite and accommodating. Dr Borio took the time to address an issue that I am dealing with and made a recommendation to treat it. The office runs like a “Swiss watch.” Don Miller
Dr. Borio is an outstanding dentist and he has a very professional staff. They greet you with a smile and make you feel comfortable. Carol Frost
Love getting my teeth cleaned by Katherine! Our family has been with Dr. Borio for more than 30 yrs. of outstanding service. Sherry Canty
As always, the experience was totally professional and of the highest quality. Always on time and efficient. Jim Berline
Wonderful Dentist. Dennis O’Neill
Outstanding DDS with a very polite and refreshingly professional staff. Gene Buer
You never know how someone will handle unexpected circumstances. I had a protective cap on an implant that would not come out. Dr Borio spend more than one hour of his time removing it so he could complete his work. Dr, Borio was not responsible for the cap but found a way to remove it without hurting the implant itself. That is the kind of work that only great dentists do. Jim Kokas
Excellent care. This appt. was the first time my son had to have Novocain for a tooth extraction and Dr. Borio was great. The talked to my son about what to expect and what he would feel, was calm an reassuring. My son was happy when he left the office. Kristin Rentschler
Always on time and professional! The entire staff is fantastic and friendly…even at 8am! Bruce Ballard
Bev is great Gerald Seizert
He cares about patients. The staff got involved and was part of the consultation putting everyone on the same page. Very thorough. Explained all costs. Pricing was very fair. I would always recommend him. Jim Kokas
Have been going to Dr. Borio for at least 30 years and he and his staff are totally professional, caring and always available to make sure that your dental needs and concerns are addressed in a timely manner. Kevin Duff
I appreciate the way I was treated today. Everyone from the moment I walked in made me feel special. Dr. Borio did a great job explaining my treatment options. Professional and friendly is hard to pull off but they did it today with my first appointment! Jim Kokas
Thank you for your wonderful service. I appreciate it. Beverly Thomas
excellent for kids – my son’s first appt (3 1/2) was yesterday and they were fantastic – great experience – highly recommend Sara Young
Very efficient and friendly staff. Always a pleasant experience. Ken Christensen
Dr. Borios staff greeted me very friendly and got me in quickly. They cleaned the crown that had come out and got me back on the road in 10 minutes. Dr. Borio is always very professional and knows my history and I very much appreciate his skills. Larry Lipton
Dr. Borio and his staff are caring and professional. Excellent care. Anneliese Thomas
Dr. Borio’s office and staff are highly professional and competent. Dr. Borio’s dentistry is superb and literally painless, and the oral hygienists are terrific. The support staff is always friendly. One would be hard-pressed to find a better dentist in the Detroit suburbs. William Miles
My first cleaning with Beverly – Best quality – informative and friendly Patricia McDermott
Honesty. Integrity. Care. That about sums up what I experience every time I see Dr. Borio and his staff. They never conduct procedures that aren’t necessary. They simply and concisely give their recommendations and let the patient decide on how to proceed. No pressure whatsoever. As I said in the title, “simply the best.” Paul Stawski
The service is great dental work, prompt and courteous. I would, and have recommended the service to others. Sheila Konwinski
So professional and kind that even a Dental-phobic is comfortable! Great thanks to the entire team at Dr. Borio’s office. They are helping me get over my fear of dentistry through their great service and kind attitude. Excellent team! Diana Sikes
I have an early dental appointment 7AM. Dr. Borio and his staff did a terrific job. I would recommend them highly. Paul Kerivan
High quality with the cleaning from Beverly. I’ve had her for years, and hope to continue!! Janet Synowicz
Great experience! Great office staff! Always professional! Linda Emert-Grimm
every thing was great Paul Thomas
Excellent in every way! Pat P. Paige
High quality service and professional at every level. I was very impressed with the professional quality shown to me by the front office personnel even before I walked through the door for my first appointment. I am even more impressed after my initial visit with Dr Borio and meeting his team. Dr Borio walked me through his diagnosis until I was sure I understood all aspects of it. I am now very comfortable to move forward with the treatment suggested and confident I will be in good hands. Patricia McDermott
Even beyond their professional acumen, this is a simply a place with good people Kyle Mueller
Got me in quickly always great service. Thanks Daniel israel
All wonderful professionals front to rear…could not be a better experience… Aric Rusk
Very good service, friendly and informative and professional. Only negative was waiting to get in about 10 minutes on a morning when not much was going on, but no big deal. Bob Johnson
A very pleasant experience as usual. I am always greeted by a very professional and friendly staff . I would highly recommend Dr. Borio for his wonderful care. Eileen K
Dr Borio is smart to have surrounded himself with an excellent staff, but he is also an outstanding cosmetic dentist. Several of my son’s teeth looked like sharp pointy daggers – Dr Borio built them up and now my son has a wonderful smile. John James
After 18 years of going to Dr. Borio, the best way to describe the service…is 1st class! You walk in, and the first thing you notice is the quiet smooth jazz music; and then..you’re greeted by the most friendly staff anywhere.. Dr. Borio is always concerned with how his patients are feeling, throughout the dental treatment. He hands out his personal cell #, and will respond to emergency dental issues. Whether you’re seeking annual dental care or a “smile upgrade”..I would highly recommend Dr. Borio and his team! Mike Carpenter
as always, superior care! Kim Harlan
Great service in a very friendly professional environment. Would recommend this office to everyone! Linda Emert-Grimm
Katharine is the BEST!!! Janice Verschuren
My appointment, as always, was on time and I was greeted by the great staff in Dr Borio’s office. All of them are very respectful, friendly and welcoming. The entire experience is “absolutely professional” from start to finish. Don Miller
Besides making me feel welcome & comfortable, I’ve always felt that I was getting the highest quality care in a high-tech environment that was warm & friendly at the same time. Everyone that works in the office strives to make you relax…which for me, is extremely hard to do. I HATE NEEDLES!!! Darryl Pierce
My Hygentist, Beverly, has a very good balance between being professional while at the same time friendly. On one hand my time is respected and not wasted, on the other hand she is fun and makes my time spent at Dr. Borio’s Office enjoyable. I mention Beverly because she spent the most time with me but everyone in the office that I talked with treats me the same way. From a customer’s stand point I look forward to going to this office, which is weird to say about going to “a Dentist’s Office”, but it’s because of the people. Jim Knudson
I’m am always happy with my appointment at Dr. Borio’s office. Catherine who cleaned my teeth today is so good at what she does and always makes me completely comfortable. Mary Datwyler
Deserves a 10 on a scale of 1 to 5. Outstanding. Joe Parambo
Great service and responsiveness. Always accommodating and candid with assessments. My best interests are always at the forefront. Jim Berline
The service was perfect in every way. Joseph Konwinski
good experiance Paul Thomas
Always a great experience! David Olsen
Polite and professional Daniel Soldenski
Dr. Borio and his staff were very professional in everything that was performed. Care was given to articulate a short term plan and also a longer term plan. Great attention was also given to the patient being as comfortable as possible while procedures performed. I highly recommend Dr. Borio and his staff. Hugh Carney
Dr. Borio and his staff are always, kind, courteous and considerate. Thank you for all you do as a team to make every trip to your office a great experience. The effort you put into caring speaks volumes. Georgia McGovern
Excellent customer service! Ron Wells
Ed saw me on short notice, provided analysis and options. Then we agreed on a clear vision of what was to happen. Hugh Carney, III
Dr. Borio and his team are simply incredible. They are accommodating with my schedule and short notice needs, and are technically superior to any other dentist I have tried. I live out of state and still return to MI for my oral hygiene needs because of Dr. Borio and his staff. What truly sets them apart is the kindness and personal connection they make with each patient. I am so thankful for their service. Nicole B
Dr. Borio is wonderful. He takes his time to explain the treatment and is very practical and ralsistic in his approach to what work is necessary and what work can wait. I have been his patient for many years and would never go anywhere else. Elaina Vayntrub
Dr Borio and his staff provide exceptional professional dental services. They are very courteous and friendly. Kirk Swarbrick
I refer everyone I know to Dr. Borio and they all come back after their first visit and thank me. I don’t take reviews lightly and I promise you that this is the best office, latest technology and caring staff that I have even experienced. He takes your total face/mouth/breathing into account when treating you. He helped me to discover why I was having some breathing issues and sleep difficulties. As much as I can tell you that he is a great dentist, and his staff is efficient and professional, most importantly–they are kind human beings! Tracy Jacques
Been with Dr. Borio for 30 years. Dennis O
Great work done by Dr. Borio and golf tips were excellent as well! Corey Seitz
The service was on time and efficient. The staff was friendly and helpful. I appreciate the good service. Beverly Thomas
Dr. Borio and his entire staff are very, very professional, friendly and respectful. My appointment for an implant impression started on time and was done in less time than I expected. To put it in one word the service and care provided is “excellent” Don Miller
Dr. Borio prepared me for a Crown which turned out very well. I really trust him, and the rest of the team never disappoints. Jean M
Beverly always does good professional cleanings. I always have my teeth cleaned with her. The appointments are on time, and staff is very friendly. I’m been going to Dr. Borio for 20 years, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks for taking care of my teeth!!!! Janet Synowicz
The staff was very professional and knowledgeable – a very pleasant experience overall – love the technology aspect – you guys are on top of it nice to see. the office is very appealing to the eye – Ed good job on hiring and training you staff – you should be very proud. Sara MacConnachie
Another check up with a very professional and highly skilled staff, from Dr. Borio and all the rest of the staff. They make sure you know what’s going on and all possible options. We’ve had nothing but top notch care from his office over many years. I recommend them without reservation. I’ve had terrible dentists in the past so I definitely have something to compare it to. Gary Canty
As always, my experience was highly professional, on time and efficient. My questions are always answered thoroughly and recommendations for ongoing care always provided. Couldn’t be a more positive experience. Jim Berline
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Borio’s for over 25 years. He and his staff are unfailingly kind and professional. Dr. Borio always has up-to-date skills and information, and he is so patient explaining various options when you need something beyond routine care. I really couldn’t ask for more of a dentist! Kelley Bonner
Had a crown done. Very positive experience. Dr. Borio was solicitous and professional. Had very little pain and discomfort. I would recommend the doctor to anyone. Gary Duncan
STILL DESERVING OF FIVE STARS. . . After 35-years with this office, this patient remains totally pleased with her service! No longer a “young” woman (which is pretty obvious by the number of years I have been a patient!!), I am pleased that the reconstruction work done on my teeth 35-years ago remains totally intact, and the condition of my gums and the hygiene of my mouth is better than it has ever been. The service at this dental facility has always rated five-stars and continues to do so!! Sue Nine
Great Hygienist work by Catherine Marra . Macro Health discussed at this visit with Dr. Borio and his team. Did anyone ever point out to you the advantageous of breathing through your nose vs your mouth? This office does! Nice! JC Otterbein
I feel like I get the best and only necessary care. I’ve been a patient for 27 years. That should say it all. M Ilas
Outstanding doctor and outstanding team. William Pilipchuk
Although it was a long hour visit, the results were positive and worth the experience. Ed Pereira
Al the of the staff was professional and very attentive. Great first visit for me. Corey Seitz
I lost a crown over New Years weekend, Sally was able to slip me in in the afternoon and my crown was back in place and I was back in business 20 minutes after stepping into Dr. Borio’s office. I was blown away at how quickly & efficiently I was taken care of. I still can’t believe the service I was given and how quickly my emergency was resolved. This office should be a case study at Dental Schools because it is amazingly efficient, friendly and great to do business with! Jim Knudson
Dr. Borio fit me in when I had an emergency. As always, he and the staff were very professional. Terry Timmer
The entire staff and Dr. Borio make a potential anxiety attack turn pleasant???? All questions are thoroughly answered and explained in a manner you can comprehend. Where else can you enter with concern and leave with a SMILE! Mark Winston
In and out in under 30 minutes with a perfectly repaired front tooth. I Highly recommend everyone I know to DR. Borio. Gary Perina
This visiting is the first time for us becuase we disappointed our former dentist office after the doctor retired. One of my best friends gave me Dr.Borio’s office number and we made an appointment. I was very satisfied your professional and friendly service and I decided to continue to visit your office. I felt I was a patient for a long time becuase of your friendly service. Thank you very much. Izumi Araki
Dear Dr Borio, Thank you again for all the time and patience spent on me. The bridge is very comfortable and the visit was so much smother than expected considering the extent of the work involved. I have not experienced any pain or burning. you have given me the confidence to smile, chew and laugh without worry. Many thanks again to you and your wonderful staff. Eileen Killian Eileen K
The highest standard of dental care. A very professional staff and well organized office. Donald Miller
Beautiful office, friendly staff. The equipment used seemed to be of the latest technology. The doctor was very thourough on my initial visit and I enjoyed talking with him. Looking forward to my next visit. Kathleen Dickson
everything was great Mike Malaga
I have been a patient of Dr. Borio for about a year, and I am very impressed with the quality of the care provided. In addition, I am greeted by name at the reception desk, and Trish is always friendly, gracious and professional. Dr. Borio is an excellent dentist, and in addition, he takes time to answer my questions, and is outstanding at explaining all aspects of my dental care to me. As a result, I have learned things from him that I was never told by other dentists over many decades. Bev is an excellent hygienist, and is also very professional, educating me about dental matters that no other hygienist ever did. This practice has state of the art technology and equipment – outstanding dental and people skills. I wish all my doctors had a practice like Dr. Borio’s office; it is a role model for Best Practices of a medical practice. Lawrence Lipton
Everything went perfectly! Joseph Konwinski
I have high confidence in everything he does for me. Jean Maki
Great DDS, great staff, great office. Maureen Bowman
It was nice to see Beth again professionally! She assessed my oral health and shared it with me and offered advise. She was thorough and professional, Beth has a very affable personality! Kim Harlan
The kindest,most caring care givers I have ever known. I am so fortunate to be under their care. Mary Datwyler
Katherine did a great job cleaning my teeth. Nice to see her back in the office again. Could not believe how white they were when she was done!! Dean Darin
Katherine is a perfect hygienist, both thorough and considerate. I could tell she was working hard while scraping my teeth clean, but still she took enough time to be sure my gums weren’t injured in the process. I’m glad she returned to Dr. Borio’s practice. Julie Sigler
My over-all experience was remarkable. My wait time was less than 5 minutes, the staff and Doctor were friendly, courteous, informative and made me very comfortable. By far–the most comprehensive exam I’ve ever had. The best part of all—he took his time and never appeared to be in a hurry. I can HIGHLY recommend Dr. Borio!!! Kim McKinney
Efficient, friendly and very competent. Great job. John Green
As always, Dr Borio and staff were curtious and professional. As good of an experience as one can have “at the Dentist”!!! Bill Vaughn
I’ve been a patient for 30 years and have always received top notch care from Dr. Borio and his staff. Everyone is very caring and professional. Kelley B Bonner
I have been going to Dr. Borio’s office my entire life, and you cannot ask for a better experience going to the dentist’s office. My hygienist Bev was extremely friendly and professional, and did a great job taking care of my teeth. Capped off by a big hello and check in from Dr. Borio, he gave me positive feedback on how I can improve my oral care, and I left feeling completely refreshed. I highly recommend Dr. Borio and his staff, and have the utmost confidence in them to take care of my teeth. Keith Otterbein
every thing was great Paul Thomas
The entire staff is very friendly and professional. This always makes for a comfortable experience. Ken Christensen
Dr Borio’s office is friendly and welcoming. His staff is always cordial while remaining professional. Kathryn’s proficiency in teeth cleaning was amended with her casual conversation. Marrcia Fast
It was just great! My hygienist was exceptional! Everyone there is just so nice and professional and pleasant! Susan Daley
Bev is always great! Very aware of my sensitive gums and does a wonderful job. Suzanne Billingsley
Everything went just fine. Estelle Elkus
This was my initial visit with Dr. Borio. Dr. Borio’s staff of professionals were just wonderful, so accommodating, warm and friendly. Dr. Borio was very thorough and gentle with an excellent chair side manner and expert consultation. Sallie was GREAT! Thank you to all of you! Susan Daley
Very satisfied with my last dental visit. Came in for a temporary re-cement and ended up with a bite adjustment as well. Friendly and accommodating, like every visit. Daniel Soldenski
He is always professional and approachable. Pam Budde
Very professional and friendly office! I’ve been coming to this office for many years and have never left unsatisfied! Most recently I’ve been very thankful for the work Dr. Borio has done on my anterior implant. The crown blends nicely with the rest of my smile – Thank you, Borio Dental! Dayna Akers
Thank you for your excellent service. I appreciate it. Beverly Thomas
Thanks to Ed and the entire team for another great visit. I appreciate your professionalism and dedication to high quality. I am always greeted with a smile and receive the best care. Daniel Dyke
I have a lot of confidence in this dentist and his staff. They give you honest and direct communications. Sheila Konwinski
Today was my 1st appointment. The paperwork to complete was emailed to me well in advance, so I completed it at home, at my leisure. Upon entering the office, I was greeted by name, and the receptionist, Bev, introduced herself. I was immediately taken to the exam room by Amy, Dr. Borio’s assistant – and she also introduced herself to me. As soon as I was settled, Dr. Borio entered and introduced himself. He had already reviewed my paperwork, and began to discuss it in detail with me. The exam itself was comfortable and thorough. Afterward, Amy scheduled my follow-up appointment with me and I am looking forward to my next visit, and to a long and pleasant relationship with Dr. Borio’s office. First impression, this is an outstanding dental practice, and the dental care is excellent. Larry Lipton
Exceptional service once again. Kevin K
I nor anyone in my family have ever been disappointed in our service with Dr. Borio’s practice. Everyone treats us very well and very professionally. Gary Canty
My cleaning appointment with Bev was very professional. She is gentle, and knows my fears of being at the dental office. Both Bev and Dr. Borio take those fears away. Thank you. Janet Synowicz
We have recommended this dental office and will continue to. From the moment you walk in, your welcomed with a smile. This office is extremely professional with the best care in the area. We personally had a family emergency on a day when Dr. Borio was off on holiday. He immediately called us and had us in his office in an hour. Definitely five star service! Mary Gwizdala
Great service & on time. Linda Emert-Grimm
Great team caring for me. I feel lucky to have their help in staying healthy… John S
Very professional, candid and with my best interests in mind.
Jim Berline
Everything went better than I expected. Your money $2980.0 should be in your office on the 12th. Anderson had not done anything as, so now they want to speak to my family Doctor and then they will give me a date to yankum. Darrell Bufkin
Provided prompt assistance with a problem. Always a courteous staff! Marcia Bearden
Dr Borio and his staff are by far the most professional health care organization that I have ever worked with. Every person is very friendly and focused on a high level of customer service. They exceed my expectations. Kirk Swarbrick
You know most of the time I just come in and keep my feelings to myself, but every once in awhile it’s good to share how a patient is really feeling. I hope you don’t mind me doing so this morning. I intellectually knew everything would be great, but I so appreciate the special care you gave. Lori F
I don’t know how one could find a more qualified dental professional than Dr. Edward Borio. He is well trained and informed regarding the latest in dentistry. Most importantly I trust him and the recommendations he presents. His staff is personable, helpful, and well qualified to provide professional assistance in a variety of ways. Ken Rogers
Painless and perfect compared to my previous dentist (who I had to go back to at least twice to adjust the initial work). Very professional and had me in-and-out on time. Highly recommended! Paul Stawski
Incredibly friendly, patient, and thorough. Dr Borio and his team always takes the time to discuss and explain the oral exam and results. Solutions to any problems are thoroughly discussed until the patient fully understands all the details. Thank you Dr. Borio for being the best! Haley Hrdlicka
I am always impressed with the timeliness of Dr. Borio. I never have to wait and he always sees me at the scheduled time. Not only is he timely but his work is outstanding. Anthony Whitbeck
I was very comfortable and Dr Borio was very caring Thank you!! Heba Hamama
Dr. Borio and his staff get it. I was amazed at the time Dr. Borio took to answer my questions and consider my concerns. The staff were kind, courteous and straightforward. What a great office! Paula K
This is what a premier functioning/patient oriented dental practice should be! Welcoming patients and making all feel assured they have indeed chosen the perfect venue for dental health is huge. A professional engaging staff plus ‘top notch’ Dr Ed are the perfect match to ensure/encourage healthy dental care. Joey Randall
Borio is a Rock Star!!!! Ron Sollish
My visit was great! I was originally just going to a yearly cleaning and my son was tagging along to get a look in his mouth for the first time. After my (fairly good acting son) saw me get my teeth cleaned, as well as assisted with “Mr thirsty”, he got his teeth cleaned. Bev was wonderful with him and surprisingly my 2 year old enjoyed the whole process. Claire Reid
Always a pleasure to come to your office. All of the staff are kind, courteous and efficient. Thank you. Georgia McGovern
It was a great visit Rick Taylor
Cavity filled & adjacent tooth prepped for new crown. Amount of novacane was perfect, 15 minutes after procedure, feeling restored. Dr Borio and his staff are always the consummate professionals. George Contis
Excellent care! Susie Baker
Excellent service Rick Taylor
Thanks Team Borio! Kathy Kathy Rheaume
The experience was painless and efficient. I was out of there with a new filling in a short amount of time and without any difficulty with the bite. thank you Dr. Borio. Beth Kerr
Once again my experience with Dr. Borio and his staff was very professional, very well orchestrated and time efficient. They all are friendly, personable and well organized. I would highly recommend Dr. Borio’s practice to anyone in search of a dentist. Donald Miller
Great Service; Friendly staff. Linda Emert-Grimm
Two weeks later, a routine cleaning by Bev and nothing but smiles in the office…..rather contagious. My day went from mediocre to GREAT after a dental visit……..who would have thought:) Mark Winston
Dr. Borio again met my expectations with top quality service. He took care of my issue with his usual “top notch professionalism”. I have yet to be disappointed in over 25 years. His staff are all as committed to outstanding service as he is. I recommend he and his staff to anyone looking for “consistent top quality service”. You won’t be disappointed. Gary Canty
I feel right at home when I enter the office, after being met with sincere smiles and ‘hellos’. Then Beverly, while she has me laughing & cracking up, I appreciate the fact that she doesn’t ask me question after question, while I can’t answer her because my mouth is wide open, as I hear others talk about their Dentist or Hygenist (sp?). Not only do I have a ton of confidence in Ed & Bev as it relates to my dental care, but they’ve helped impart habits that I now realize are helping me to maintain what I have in my mouth…and that’s no small feat. I feel grateful to be working with Ed, Bev and everyone at the Borio Office… Jim Knudson
Met with smiles, courtesy and GENUINE kindness once again first thing in the morning……how often does that happen? Dr. Borio does what is best for YOU, not for him! False alarm and on my way in 10 minutes with a thorough explanation of my symptoms with no need to worry….:) Days that start like that can’t get any better! Mark Winston
Lost a crown. Dr. Borio’s office got me in immediately. We have been going to Dr. Borio for over 25 years. There is no one better! Pat O’Neill
Grinding (I have worn a splint at night for 30 years) and acidity (I drink several caffeinated beverages every day) have recently caused an accelerated decline in the enamel of my teeth. My front teeth had become thin, sharp and chipped, my back teeth were forming deepening and widening pits. I was reluctant to show my teeth when smiling. Dr. Borio performed a procedure where he applied in mouth a light-cured photopolymer resin to fill, reinforce, and rebuild my teeth. His work was excellent. I am extremely impressed with his skill and ability. My teeth are now smooth and comfortable, not sharp, no longer pitted. There is no color variation, they look completely natural. Thanks to Dr. Borio I can now show off a great toothy smile once again. Scott Gieske
Mary and Dr. Ed were both friendly and professional. The front desk staff was very helpful in getting me a receipt to submit to my flexible spending account administrator. Great team Ed! Michael Laramie
Had emergency. Set an immediate appointment at end of day and issue resolved. Steve Glucksman
Teeth cleaning and inspection was thorough and painless. Top notch dental office. Jean M
I was very pleased with the service provided by your staff and with Dr. Borio. It is always a pleasure dealing with everyone there. Marilyn Castedo
First began coming to Dr. Borio a couple of years ago. All the staff is great! Bev cleaned my teeth yesterday. Her demeanor is so calm, and she is very gentle (but thorough) when she is cleaning my teeth. My teeth are SO sensitive, but the experience with Bev at Borio’s office is actually relaxing! Heidi Castle
Dr. Boris is an outstanding dentist who with his excellent staff provides flawless dental services. I especially appreciate Dr. Borio’s standard – it’s got to be perfect, just perfect, every time! Jim K
My first oral hygiene expieriene with Mary was a pleasant experience. She was thorough and stated the strength of my current care routine as well as areas to focus on going forward. She reviewed products and their impact on oral health. This experience reinforces my choice of Borio dental for optimal oral health Pamela Hicks
Bev made my smile pretty. Ed let me off scott free. A perfect trip to the dentist! Barbara Day
The staff and Dr. Borio are friendly, prompt, thorough. I am likely anomaly, in that I look forward to having my teeth tended to so carefully! Thanks! Suzanne Lareau Suzanne Lareau
Very thorough cleaning Marcia Beatden
They are the best! Neal Feldman
Mary did a wonderful job cleaning my teeth today! The entire office is always extremely professional and skilled. The very best around! Missy H
Always professional and thorough. Very good results. Mary Pat Kaleth
For twenty years, my experience with Borio Dental has been stellar. Dr. Borio is truly one of the best of the best, and over the years his team has continued to be top notch as well. This visit, my six year-old was along for my cleaning and exam. The team was very kind and made her feel welcome. She even got to operate Mr. Thirsty and see, up close, what is involved in the cleaning and exam. A great and enjoyable learning experience. Thanks Dr. Borio! Kelly M
Excellent visit Kim Harlan
First timing visiting Dr. Borio & Staff could not have gone better. Everyone I encountered greeted me with a smile and a heightened sense of professionalism. I felt comfortable during the entire stay of my visit and respected Dr. Borio’s approach to keeping my mouth healthy. Would recommend Dr. Borio to anyone. Christopher Royle
On time. Explained the procedure. High quality work. Very pleasant. Assistant is very skilled and friendly. Kathleen Hackleman
as always-very happy with the service. Lisa S Seaquist
I actually look forward to my dental appointments because of my hygienist Mary! She does a wonderful job and I could sit and talk to her for hours. Dr. Borio does wonderful work as well. Melissa Moroski
My cleaning was very thorough and staff is always so kind. Dr. Borio commented on my tooth that has the crown he recently replaced. The color match it perfect and you cannot even tell there is a crown. Toni Stambersky
Bev is informative and gentle Dr. Borio has great bedside manor and amazing dental knowledge Diane Fillion
My teeth and mouth feel so good, I should go dancing! Tim Turczyn
I’ve been to many dentists over the tears, in different cities, and the staff at Dr. Borio’s office is the best I’ve ever encountered. Everyone is very friendly and highly professional. Dr. Borio’s work is outstanding. William Miles
The staff is always courteous, friendly, and helpful. Everyone in the office cares about the well being of each patient. Ashley Ebert
Everyone from receptionist to Dr. Borio were friendly, helpful, experienced and professional. The exam itself was painless and thorough. I would highly recommend this practice to others. Susan Baker
On time, friendly, thorough, professional. Shirley Lamb
It was a pleasant experience – not one of favorite things Richard Simony
Great Mike Randall
It’s too bad I cannot bill Dr. Borio for the advice I gave. But please give him the following phone number 800-421-9911 for the Pritikin Longevity Center as I would like to have him around to care for my dental health for many years to come. P Elkus
Mouth is fine and temporary is working great. Gary Zimmerman
Everything was very professional, competent and pleasurable John Green
The staff at Dr. Borio’s practice are friendly and so welcoming. Bev, the hygienist is very thorough and always educates on the more complicated issues. The atmosphere is relaxed. The decor is very tasteful. Dr. Borio has been my dentist for over 30 years and has always done the finest work on my whole family. Cynthia Buchanan
I love the team at Dr. Borio’s office! Everyone knows your name and they are all so funny and fun! I’d never go anywhere else! Tracy Jacques
The whole experience was great. I had complete x-rays. It took very little time to complete everything, and no waiting. Best of all, I didn’t need to have any procedures done, since Dr. Borio did any necessary work on my teeth more than ten years ago. Sheila Konwinski
I went for a check-up and cleaning, and also had x-rays. I was given a very thorough exam and cleaning. Staff is very pleasant and courteous. Lynne K.
First rate!!! Thanks. Jonathan Boos
Mary was great as usual. Thanks for having a great office staff that is always friendly. Dean Darin
Always a great experience! Clean,friendly and professional! Kara Bongiovanni
Short of providing a foot massage while being fed grapes, my experience with Dr. Borio is and has been perfect. Matt Ilas
Just went in today for cleaning and checkup. Great service and Dr. Borio closely examined a ‘feeling” (no way to explain it) I had about a tooth. No apparent problem present but he thoroughly examined it and it’s neighbors. Gave me “peace of mind” plus he clearly stated if anything comes up, he’s available at a moment’s notice. I recommend his practice without any reservations. Gary Canty
My experience today was excellent. Although I had seen Dr. Borio once before to get a needed filling done when my previous dentist retired, this was my initial complete exam visit. Dr. Borio did a very detailed examination. He provided a very good explanation of the health of my teeth and gums and what treatment needed to be done next and why. Both Dr. Borio and Amy were very professional and personable. Jack Baker
My appointment started on-time, which is very important to me. Attending Dr. Borio’s office is always a positive experience, everyone is always friendly. Henry Kerr
Dr Borios office was awesome. I was terrified to get a crown (my first one). The entire office did a fabulous job making me feel comfortable and easing my fear. I left there smiling with my new tooth. Thanks Dr Borio. Rose Kiehle
Dr Borios office was awesome. I was terrified to get a crown (my first one). The entire office did a fabulous job making me feel comfortable and easing my fear. I left there smiling with my new tooth. Thanks Dr Borio. Rose Kiehle
As always, good treatment, on time. Pleasant and professional Bill Vasileff
good J B
She didn’t grimace or look shocked when she looked in my mouth. Such a friendly professional! Pamela Todoroff
great appt – as far as getting a filling goes…. Mike Malaga
Friendly , courteous, prompt, fair fees, very pleasant experience Marion Franchi
My daughters teeth were discolored and now they look beautiful! Karin Koberstein
Informative, precise and well explained consultation. Daniel Soldenski
Great connecting with a good friend and great dentist!!!!!! Mike Randall
Dr. B was extremely professional as was his entire office. He spent a lot of time with me understanding what I wanted to accomplish thru dentistry in the year and discussed where we would from here. I felt that he was a great listener and I appreciated his suggestions. It should be a win, win for both of us. He reviewed my gums and mouth, teeth, etc. I was very pleased. Pam Budde
Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Experience was top notch. Thank you! Andrew Bakken
The entire office staff and Dr. Borio are genuinely concerned about meeting my needs. I appreciate that. P T
Dr. Borio is amazing! What I love about him and his staff is that they make you feel comfortable. Dr. Borio is sensitive to your feelings but straight forward! Tahara Wortham
I am 68yrs old and have had dental issues since age 17 when I got my first upper front partial and have since then spent thousands of hours in dental offices in many states. In my forties , I had reached the full denture and two unstable lower bridges. I always had something moving or clicking in my mouth with multiple embarrassing situations I finally got implants and was referred to Dr. Borio WHO gave me a new lease on life. I now have upper and lower fixed dental work and the confidence to eat, smile and talk without worry. Gone are the pastes and discomfort. Dr. Borio and his wonderful professional staff spent many hours making sure that I was satisfied; he has done what many dentists would not touch. Thank you Dr. Borio and your … Eileen
I am relatively a new patient and have found that everyone is very friendly and greets you with a smile. Today was my first dental work experience having a crown replaced and Edward Borio was very gentle with the injections and took time to explain the procedure. So far I would highly recommend this practice. TAS
Dr. Borio & Staff displayed a very high level of Professionalism & Patient Care. I’m not a very good patient when it comes to Dentists, but I was made to feel relaxed & at ease during both visits. Darryl Pierce
Awesome as usual! They got me in on a moment’s notice and Dr. Borio fixed my emergency with no pain. Thanks! KG
I had a dental emergency practically the day before a major holiday, yet Dr. Borio’s staff was extremely accommodating, squeezing me in the same day. Dr. Borio was thorough in explaining treatment, and made sure that I was not in any pain (very important). The staff is very friendly, and I felt very confident that I was receiving the very best care. K.M.
I travel over an hour to go to this office…and it is so worth it. I won’t trust anyone else to work on my teeth! Workoutdawn
As I have stated before, Borio Dental is the country club of dentist’s You feel like you’re their only patient. Exceptional service & staff!!! Mike Carpenter
As usual my visit was excellent Thank you Dr.Borio. Betty Giles
the entire staff is knowledgable, professional and exceptional in their patient awareness and treatment. I also appreciate the office runs on time. Anonymous
This was a difficult dental decision as well as emotional for me – but Dr. Borio and his staff’s assurances and professionalism along with their truly caring ways, made this so much easier than it could have otherwise been …. I appreciate them so much….thank you !! Dianne
THE STAFF IS SO WELCOMING DR. BORIO IS SO PROFESSIONAL AND COMFORTING Diane FillionAmazing Office and Staff!! Dr. Borio is truly “one of a kind” Sean M
Once again Dr Borio and his staff provided the finest professional dental care. In a word “OUTSTANDING” Don Miller
Once again Borio Dental to the rescue! Dr. Borio and his staff got me right in to repair a crown and reassured me every step of the way. Very much appreciated!! Susan Hill
Everything was perfect! J P Konwinski
Great visit – Mary, as always, was fantastic. She does a great job and makes the experience very enjoyable. Anonymous
Warm, friendly and incredibly professional. Would recommend Dr. Borio and his staff to anyone. Anonymous
I love coming to Dr Borio. The staff are all terrific and treat me like family. So does the Dr. I wouldn’t drive over an hour if it wasmt a great experience. Melissa
As per usual everyone was very friendly and professional and RIGHT ON TIME! I have yet to wait more than 5 minutes past my scheduled appointment time – and on that occasion I think I was the one who was late. Very pleased with Dr. Borio and his staff! R Wells
Outstanding! Personal and professional! Jacqueline
everything was great ! Pam Esser
Professional, kind, and caring.Could not recommend more. Pete Chelovich
Extremely thorough and personal. I was very pleased with my initial visit. More to come . . . Bruce Kridler
Dear Dr. Borio and staff, We just want to thank you! You are truly amazing!You are clearly very well trained and it shows. My sons teeth look smooth, perfectly shaped and most of all, natural. It brought tears to my eyes just looking at him, because now he is just like everyone else. He doesn’t have to stand out any longer due to his teeth. Sally and Amy are more than friendly, extremely professional and go out of their way to help in any way that they can. We would recommend Dr. Edward Borio to anyone! Blake’s Parents
Professional, very friendly and always perfection!! Linda Meade
Wait time is very short; plus the staff knows my name and is always friendly and efficient. S.S.
I brought my 4 year old daughter in to the office and she was literally received with open arms. She was treated like a princess, made to feel completely comfortable, everything that was happening was explained to her and was taken very slow. She had asked me to hold her hand through the appointment when we were walking in and everyone in the office was so great, she forgot to ask me to hold it once the cleaning was under way! Anonymous
After more than twenty years of being a patient of Dr. Borio, my dental experience continues to be one of the highest quality. From the tasteful decor and warmth of the staff, to the skill and artistry of Dr. Borio, there’s a reason I drive 45 minutes — past hundreds of dentists — to continue seeking the services of this dentist. Simply, I appreciate quality and invest in value. And, unlike most people I know, I actually look forward to going to the dentist. (smile) Kelly
Very friendly and competent service. Equipment and office are very up to date, clean and comfortable. Treatment options are presented clearly. Anonymous
Thank you Dr. Borio and Beverly for the great care you give me and my teeth! I appreciate the appointment time, no waiting, and advice you give me for continued good health. See you in the fall. Anonymous
Dr. Borio’s staff continues to provide courteous service and excellent dental work. J Sigler
First class experience from first phone call through initial visit. Excellence has a certain aroma that radiates throughout your office!!! Thank you so much!!!! Anonymous
I required only a routine cleaning today, but has as always, I enjoyed the professional courteous care given by the staff at Dr. Borio’s office. K. Bonner
Always a pleasure coming to Dr. Borio’s office. I’m guessing not many say that about going to the dentist. Dr. Borio and Mary, my hygenist are awesome. The entire staff is professional, competent, and friendly. Maureen Bowman
Always prompt and courteous. First class service and attention to their patient’s needs; the hallmarks of Dr. Borio and his staff. Anonymous
the best practice! Anonymous
It is a pleasure to do business with Dr. Borio and the outstanding team he has brought together in order to better serve his clients. The team is personable, professional, friendly, and welcoming. I don’t know of a finer dentist then Dr. Edward Borio. I feel fortunate that he is my dentist. Ken Rogers Ken Rogers
Very professional hygienists, great office staff, everyone is very pleasant. Dr. Borio is one of the best – very knowledgeable, up-to-date with latest technology and procedures, very thorough and detailed in explaining why a procedure is being recommended. Overall, highly recommend Dr. Borio CMG
As per my last 5star rating, staff is super, no waiting at all and the office is beautiful. I was waiting until my restoration was complete and now I know that Dr. Edward Borio is the best. I had an implant done in Florida and Dr. Borio did the custom abutment and crown. The crown is super, the texture, colour, and shape is perfect. One can not tell that this tooth is a crown. Thank you Dr. Borio. Ron Mishko Ron Mishko
Excellent cleaning. Jim Kelly
Very kind and efficient. Excellent outcome. SRH, M.D.
Great experience as always. Had to have a crown and they managed my anxiety and explained the procedure as they went along. In and out in an hour too! 🙂 Kristin
As I have stated in the past, the Borio dental experience” needs to be experienced…not just talked about. This group makes you feel like you’re their most important patient.

Mike Carpenter

Always very professional. I leave their office feeling confident that I have had the best dental care available. Anonymous
Painfree, personal service. Excellent staff. Best experience I have ever had with a dentist. WSM
Most skilled, professional, and caring for your needs Richard
Your facility, your staff were very friendly and professional. Timing was great and did not have to wait to get into the chair. Dr. Edward Borio was excellent so far. Have not completed the restoration so we will have to wait on Dr. Borio’s evaluation. Keep up the good work. Ron Mishko Ron Mishko
Quick, thorough, and very friendly. Visit was excellent per usual. Bev is great, and Dr. Borio is the best in town…
Ryan B
No waiting as staff was ready for my appointment. Staff was friendly and we had a brief personal discussion about how we were doing and about family activities before treatment began. Was impressed with new x ray equipment. The hygienist who cleaned my teeth was professional and worked well with me. Did a good job explaining what she was doing and why. Dan Hess
great service Paul Thomas Jr
My son had his regular cleaning and as always the appt. was great!! The service and staff was professional. Kristin
Excellent as always. Incredibly nice dentist who does wonderful work. Dr. Borio is great with my daughter. The staff are also very nice accommodating. I can’t say enough good things about them. Carolyn
Always great Anonymous
Ed is a great dentist. I came in for my appt with an additional problem and he took care of both. Neal Feldman
All staff very professional yet friendly. Cynthia Buchanan
Ed Borio and Staff are terrific. Jonathan Boos
love coming to you great people. thank you and Happy Easter Anonymous
love coming to you great people. thank you and Happy Easter Anonymous
Thanks for being so considerate of my time! I had a committment after seeing you and it was not an issue! Many Thanks! bruce Bruce Ballard
Thank you for your great service. I appreciate your efficiency. Anonymous
Mary is great and provides the same high level of customer service that I expect to provide the customers of my business. Dean Darin. English Gardens. Dean Darin
So fortunate to have Dr. Borio for my dentist. He is very concerned with my preventative maintenance on my teeth. Bev was right on time and very atttentive to my sensitive mouth. She is also very patient with explaining brushing techniques. Office is immaculate and the music is perfect. Diane Fillion
Friendly dentist and staff. Everyone goes above and beyond. Janet Cummins
Always fabulous attention to patients, given with smiles and professionalism. 🙂 Lauri Dailey
ALWAYS a pleasure to visit Borio Dental. My teeth feel fantastic ! Thank you Mary, Sallie, Amy, Trish and Dr Borio! Bev
Borio Dental is excellent. Dennis O
Absolute “EXCELLENT” describe’s the professionalism of Dr Borio and his staff. Donald M
As usual Bev and crew provide me with a great experience. No pain just smiles. Even when I was attacked by that fricking gum probe. Todd A
Thanks again for my clean mouth ! Nothing better ! I always leave a happy girl. Dr Broio thanks for suggesting braces I feel so much better, I finally have a bit and no more headaches. Debra P
I was there for my six months teeth cleaning and examination. Everything went perfectly. Joseph K
I love Bev and Sally. Happy teeth. Barbara D
I appreciate the relaxed but businesslike atmosphere of Dr. Borio’s office and the smiling, patient staff. Julie S
Excellent Experience. We drive here from near Ann Arbor and it’s well worth the drive. Great people and great service! Kenneth D
The office is staff is wonderful! You all make a trip to the dentist “almost” fun! Wendy D
Exceptional service. Absolutely no pain or discomfort less than 24 hours after having a deteriorated older crown replaced. Anonymous
On 2/26/14 while eating lunch, I dislodged a cap on a tooth that received a root canal more than 20 years ago. I called Dr. Borio’s office and they had me come in the same day. I was in and out in record time and my cap was re-cemented. Dr. Borio & his staff are thoroughly caring, professional and efficient. George C
I think that the professional staff and the doctor are the best I have ever experienced in my 46 years on this earth. The care, attention to detail and friendly environment make a visit to this dentist a pleasure (even for me, who doesn’t particularly look forward to dentist office visits!) Garrett K
Excellent staff that make going to to the dentist a comforting experience. Anonymous
Great as always Frances K
Always a pleasure!!! Thank you for almost 30 years of service to our family. Sherry C
Love early appointments! Aric R
I always like to get my teeth cleaned and the trip is always pleasant. Dr. Borio is on top of the latest equipment and procedures. Mary does a good job without much discomfort. Thanks for the great work. Staff is very helpful and always friendly. Beth K
It was easy and thoughtful…never had a Dentist do an evaluation of my mouth so thoroughly! Erin D
Dr. Borio and his team are the best. Anthony G
Very friendly and professional. Made me feel like a welcomed new patient. Emily A
Great staff, great dentist. . Kyle M
Friendly and professional says it all. Makes going to the dentist downright enjoyable. George C
Fantastic Dentist and Staff. Anonymous
Always professional. A great dental office. Neal F
Professional and painless! And, with smiles! Tim T
As always had a great visit. Bev is great and we always talk up Borio DDS Dental. Douglas M
As always, a good experience during my check-up. Bev is a wonderful Dental Hygienist who does a great job. Dr. Borio is very personable and thorough in his check up as well. Recommend Dr. Borio and his team very highly. Mark B
Excellent Care. William R
Very Professional Excellent Knowledgeable Service! Lisa S
When you want the best in dentistry…visit the offices of Ed Borio!!!!Ken and Jane Rogers Ken R
Ed,Thanks for getting me in so quickly and taking care of my tooth. You and your staff are terrific!Daniel Dyke Daniel D
Dr. Ed Borio has been my dentist for almost twenty years. I have always been treated in a friendly, courteous and professional manner by him and his staff. I would heartily recommend him to anyone looking for outstanding dental care. Charles K
Was quick and painless, was out in 20 minutes! Connor L
beverly did a great job. thank you Richard T
Fast, efficient, professional and no pain! Denise W
First time i didn’t have pain during a visit at the dentist Richard T
Great!!!!!!!!!! Karen H
I hate going to the dentist; but, at Dr Borio’s office, everyone is very thorough, professional, and SO nice. A pleasant experience. Shirley L
Friendly and smiling staff always make a visit to the office much more pleasant than one would expect (since dental visits aren’t usually at the top of one’s wish list). Dr. Borio filled me in on what to expect in the procedure and he was spot on. Kenneth C
Great experience! I need to go more often! Anonymous
Outstanding Dentist and Office Staff! Sallie held my Grandson when he started to cry while I was getting my teeth cleaned! Denise W
Great place to get teeth fixed Richard T
great Faiz S
Always a thorough and positive experience. The attention to detail by Dr Borio and his staff is second to none. John H
Very professional and friendly staff. Never a bad experience Kenneth C
An upbeat, professional dental office with state-of-the-art equipment. Borio Dental has a friendly and knowledgable staff that makes going to the dentist a pleasant experience! Lauri D
As always, I was treated with the utmost care and respect. A cleaning, which under other circumstances can be terrible for me, turned out to be okay! Arlene S
Great experience. No problems. Carol S
Never had a complaint and never will. Veronica W
As good as a Dental experience could be! Especially from someone who hates having his teeth touched. Also it was great that the office was kind enough to have my two boys scheduled at the same time!Thank you! David W
Love Dr. B and his entire office.. Very compassionate Dentist Kelly W
To understand Borio Dental, and their staff; you have to experience the Borio Dental officeThis is a place where you are treated with incredible personal attention; much like you’re the only customer they have.Dr. Borio will ensure your teeth are in great health, as well as discuss options; to give that Hollywood smile.Mike Carpenter13 year patient Mike C
Excellent as always. Amy S
As always, excellent. Dennis O
great Paul T
Excellent as always for 29 years. Cathy W
Always a good experience. Beth K
It was a wonderful, life-changing experience. Who knew that a simple teeth cleaning could so stir ones’ emotions. The rapture of the ultrasonic pick as it tickled across my bicuspids. The delicate scent of the polishing compound, vaguely reminiscent of springs’ first lilacs. But the best was reserved for last. Dr, Borio, looking so confident in his Dr. Strangelove spectacles was the epitome of professionalism with a subtle dose of humor. This was truly an afternoon I will not soon forget. Mike W
Always a good experience even with my high anxiety. Love seeing everyone in the office. The nicest, most caring staff anywhere, just like Dr Borio. Gabrielle G
great service Paul T
outstanding service-very professional and attentive-very well run office James H
The Borio Team works with my phobias in the dentist chair, I also have had great results.Joy Joy B
Everything was amazing as always at my last appointment. The entire staff is so friendly 🙂 Melissa M
This was my first cleaning at Dr. Borio’s office, and I was so pleased. The hygienist, Bev was great. She was thorough but gentle, and her calm and friendly demeanor made this the most relaxing dental cleaning I have ever had! Anonymous
Excellent Anonymous
Bev is very thorough and takes time to explain things. The entire office staff are friendly. The office waiting room (although I did not do much waiting!) and the treatment area is very nicely decorated. Of course, Dr. Boris is always friendly and has performed miracles in my dental work. My experiences there are always positive. Cynthia B
Dr. Borio is excellent. The procedure was quick easy and painless. His staff is great; always friendly and accommodating. Kathy C
Very professional as usual / Ned Bearden Ned B
Wouldn’t go anywnere else! Gary S
Great education from Mary on oral hygiene. Wonderful care frim Dr. Borio and all of his team!! So great to have a dentist we can trust. Anonymous
Dr. Borio not only is an exceptional dentist but he understands and implements customer service. This is truly unusual in the medical/dental profession. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Borio.. Edward S
I like the staff and location and his work Faiz S
Bev did a great job with the cleaning , as always. She is always professional and her cheerful disposition is like a ray if sunshine! Terry T
Thanks again Ed!I wouldn’t trust my teeth to anyone esle and it’s always a pleasure to see you and your team. Daniel D
exceptional care, super easy to schedule and confirm through integrated technology and the staff is an absolute pleasure. Anonymous
Another high quality visit. Best staff in the state based on the service I and my entire family have received. Gary C
Good Service Beverly T
For the past twenty years, my experiences with Dr. Borio and his team have been nothing short of stellar. They blend professionalism with superb and artful services, and add a dose warmth. Kelly M
Best care for over 25 Years! Anonymous
Once again Dr Borio and his staff continued the excellent professional care that has made them a great team. There is absolutely no doubt that I would “highly recommend” Dr Borio as a Dentist you can trust for expert dental treatment. Donald M
Always enjoy the service at Dr. Borio’s. My technician Mary is wonderful. Leigh F
excellent care as always in a clean, pleasant environment James M
Personel detailed dental care. The very best in Dentistry! Anonymous
I forgot to say Dr Borio deserved 6 stars out of 5.Super dental work and highly professional.Thanks Lidija G
Well-trained, highly skilled, and his many years of experience make Dr Borio the best around. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Great office staff makes scheduling easy and convenient. Richard V
I love everyone on Dr. Borio’s team. They’re friendly, efficient and great at what they do. Anonymous
A very caring, friendly and professional office. Elizabeth T
Love having clean teeth! Wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. Sherry C
Great. Painless dentistry. Bev is the best. Todd A
Everything went perfectly! Joseph K
I wish I could see Ed every morning!! I think I will stop in this morning and maybe tomorrow too! Kimberly H
Thank you is not enough for the way you take care of me . Your employees are like family and Dr Borio my best friend . I’ve learned to communicate better with this experience . Thank you again Deb Debra P
As always a great experience with Beverly and the Dr. Mark B
As in the past, the front desk people are informative and very helpful.The clinical portion of my visit was professional and did a top notch job with cleaning. Marilyn S
Dr. Borio and the entire staff are friendly and professional. They make a visit to the dentist’s office truly enjoyable. Charles K
Good job cleaning by Bev as usual. Joseph L
excellent care as always James M
Bev and entire staff all super!! Douglas M
My appointment went extremely well – no problems what so ever. I even received a birthday present from Borio Dental. That was a first in my life time of 76 years. Thanks so much Dr. Borio the exceptional Dr. Borio team. Carol S
As good as usual. Matthew M
Excellent as always. The best staff around! Amy S
Mary was great as always Michael K
I always feel welcomed at Dr. Borio’s and my dental hygienist, Mary is great. Anonymous
Great work as usual! Dan M
I always have a great experience at Dr. Borio’s office. Everyone is very friendly and professional along with doing a great job of cleaning and taking care of my teeth. Donald M. Jr.
Face it….. You guys rock. Neal F
Dr. Borio and staff are the best!!! Anonymous
My first teeth cleaning was perfect! Mary was fantastic and my teeth look fabulous.Everyone in Dr. Borio’s office is the best and the friendliest!Thank you! Linda M
The office is well run and very clean. The staff is very professional, appointment times are adhered to and the dental equipment seems up to be state-of-art. Dr. Borio himself is a very good dentist, friendly yet very focused on doing an excellent job. I have been coming to him for well over 25 years and will continue to do so. Peggy A
Excellent treatment and service. James K
Excellent Paul III T
GREAT!!!!!!! Karen H
Excellent care, as usual. Anonymous
recommend! Anonymous
The staff and bev the hygienist treated me with such care and understanding that it made it easy to get through an unwelcome procedure that I wasn’t looking forward to. Thank you so much. Cherylanne K
Always excellent service. Dennis O
Mary did an outstanding job…as always!!!!! John M
Very careful, understanding, and accommodating staff, as has been true for 20 years. Julie S
The dentist and staff are friendly and helpful. I’ve been to many dentists and this is the most knowledgeable office. It’s enjoyable getting a cleaning. Janet C
Great as always, thank you. Jean M
Cannot imagine going anywhere else!great work – no pain – no wait Stefan K
always a great experience. Love the office and everyone there! Jill S
Top quality service and work is the standard at this practice. Gary C
I am likely one of the few who enjoys going to my dentist. Much in fact due to Dr. Borio being an outstanding clinician and person. His staff is much the same. My hygienist, Mary, is phenomenal and has a wonderful sense of humor. The reception staff is kind and friendly. Like I said – I enjoy going to Dr. Borio’s office. Not many can say that. Maureen B
We have been coming to Dr. Borio for over 30 years. Service has always been excellent. Patricia O
Professional, friendly service. State of the art facilities. Kenneth C
Wonderful, efficient, PAINLESS care as always from Dr. Borio and staff. This time I was having a lower molar fitted for a crown. My husband and I have been patients for 29 years and our daughters all their lives. No fear is ever involved visiting our caring dentist, Dr. Edward Borio! Cathy W
Just ANOTHER speeding ticket in an effort to see Sally, Amy and Bev as long as I could. By the time I pay that one off, it will be time for another visit to what I believe to be the BEST dental experience around!!!! Mark W
Beverly is a great hygienist. Even though she probably has hundreds of patients she always seems to remember our conversations and what’s going on in my life. Amy C
Very efficient, professional experience. Bev is a terrific dental hygienest, and Dr. Borio is an excellent dentist. Anonymous
Dr. Borio and all of his staff are always so professional and so great! I especially appreciate their flexibility and understanding when schedules get busy! Kimberly G
The best way to describe Dr. Borio & staff, is basically what I call “The Borio Dental experience”You feel like your at a high end health club, and you’re the only member!From the smooth jazz quietly playing in the office, to the ultra modern equipment; & the flawless service…this is a place that needs to be experienced! Mike C
I have been a patient of Dr. Borio’s for about 8 years now. He was the second dentist I had ever gone to in my whole life since my childhood dentist retired. I was looking for a dentist I felt comfortable with and could trust my health to.The office is modern and inviting.Most important is the professionalism of the staff and Dr. Borio. They are kind,attentive,pleasant, and ever mindful of my oral and overall health. Anonymous
Professional and caring! Tim T
Very impressed with the staff and Dr Borio. Joy B
Services and staff are excellent… Edwin P
Beautiful facility; everyone is friendly and professional. Anonymous
I arrived at my appointment time and had very little waiting before I was in the chair getting my teeth cleaned. The hygienist was professional, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. J Daniel H
Excellent care and service. Would highly recommend Dr. Borio. Steve G
Not one complaint. Diane F
For professional dentistry Dr. Borio is representative of the best in class! I know of none better. The quality of his staff is reflective of his commitment to providing the best in dentistry. Ken R
Great job eliminating the “:shelves” on top of my teeth. Now Ed will have to do the same to the others! Robert R
Thank you for asking . It’s nice to know that my Dr cares as much as if I were his own family.Sincerely deb Anonymous
Excellent as always,Thank you! Elke K
Everything was great. Sheila K
The hygienist, Bev, is professional and thorough, while being sensitive to the patient’s comfort. Anonymous
All good! (one of the techs did not have matching shoes and I’m sure that may have caused a void in the otherwise perfect ambience……somehow I’ll have to get over it!)enjoy Richard S
Friendly office. Excellent quality care. Cynthia B
Great experience. Glad to have a very experienced team working with me to keep my health going strong. Marilyn C
The epitome of excellence! The professionalism of Dr. Borio and his staff is to recognized and commended. Each person goes to great lengths to provide a comfortable, friendly, and polished environment. My teeth have never looked nor felt better! Anonymous
Swell. It was just swell! Mike W
Very professional and friendly staff! Anonymous
Excellent job !!!!Thankyou. Dominic M
As always, everyone is courteous and professional. I LOVE the new (at least for me) X-ray machine! No more holding the cards between your teeth! Thanks, Dr. Borio 🙂 Kelley B
Very pleased with cleaning appointment. Anonymous
Always friendly, efficient service Anonymous
I am always extremely satisfied with the service I receive at your office. The team is friendly, courteous and very knowledgeable. And Ed is one of the best in the business! Daniel D
Unbelievably professional and friendly doctor and staff. Top notch care provided with integrity. Amy S
Excellent. James K
My appointment seemed to go well, but two questions after:1. It feels like the front opening into the implant may have nothing in it, though the rear one does. Is that intended, or was something missed?2. I was apparently tense in the chair, and suffered back spasms today that may have been connected to the tension. I will hope not to have that again on or after April 10. I am not blaming you, but just want us to be aware next time. Thank you. Joe M
Great! Mary M
Alwys excellent service!!!!!! Kenneth M
Once again my appointment was handled with great professional care and attention to detail. Dr Borio and his staff are dedicated to the best interest of their patients. I highly recommend Dr Borio to anyone in need of dental care. Donald M
As usual I am totally satisfied with my last visit. Matthew M
As always a great experience. Anonymous
Thank you for your great service. I appreciate it. Beverly T
Mary was great! Did a good job cleaning my teeth and was extremely pleasant. Christine M
Mary is the best !! Anonymous
Great! Susan G
always on-time–and very focused personal service–best health care provider that we do business with James H
Always ‘top shelf’ ~ Kelly M Anonymous
Dr. Borio and the hygienists working with him have taken me from being just a tooth-brusher to being a tooth-saver. They helped me realize what a difference I can make in my own dental health! Within a couple years of following the tooth care regimen his staff helped me develop, the bleeding and sensitivity issues (which had never been addressed by earlier dentists and hygienists I’d seen) cleared up! I appreciate that, for about 20 years, Dr. Borio has made his patients’ comfort and health his primary goal. Julie S
Such kind people who truly care and are so accommodating. They treated my children so kindly. My hygienist was great at explaining everything. She went over and above the call of duty. . Elizabeth T
I had an excellent experience, Beverly took very good care of me, she asked specific questions & didn’t just casually go thru the process, then gave me specific feedback related to my history and what she saw during the appointment. Then Dr. Borio came in asked me how things have been going, did his review and gave me detailed, honest options related to work that may need to take place in the near future. This practice is very professional, friendly and fun to be around. I have the feeling they enjoy working together and they have very good chemistry. In my years of being in a variety of professional, medical & dental offices, this doesn’t come by accident…Sincerely,Jim Knudson James K
Staff was friendly and courteous. Appointment was on time and promptly scheduled me for my next cleaning. Dr. Borio was professional and exceeded expectations. Stephen T
It is a pleasure to visit Dr. Borio and his staff. They are kind ,caring and competent. Dr. Borio is not just a great dentist he is a wonderful human being. FrankO Frank O
great Paul III T
Great people Faiz S
Quick, immediate and friendly attention. It was an overall great experience. James R
Great experience, very helpful. Mark B
all good — feel better than ever! Stefan K
Awesome! Dominic D
Dr. Borio and his staff are awesome! He has been my dentist for years. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. Anonymous
From the emergency fill of a broken tooth to the final cap, everyting went great. Thank you! Dan M
Patient care was excellent, as always Maureen R
Fine job. Thank you. Beth K
My teeth whiting process was great.Rosa was very attentive to my needs.She explained the process very throughly which put me at ease. Diane F
Was in on 1-28-13. Saw Bev for the first time and she did a great job. Very complete, very informative. Douglas M
I felt very well cared for at my recent cleaning appointment. Lorraine F
It’s always a pleasure! Wendy D
I loved my visit to Dr. Borio’s office.The staff is kind and considerate and Dr.Borio was extremely informative! I will be going back for years to come! Patricia B
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Borio’s for many years. He is always professional, patient and caring. He answers any questions you may have about procedure options until you feel well informed, yet he never makes you feel pressured to make any choices that you feel uncomfortable with. Since he is up to date with current procedures, you also feel that you have good options. I’ll always be grateful to Dr. Borio for the excellent care and good dental experiences he gave to our children. Kelley B
I live my dentist and his staff. Diane F
Excellent Doug E
Thank you for asking me , Dr Ed Borio is the main reason I continue my dental health care In this office , second is the hygienist that take care of cleaning . I always feel great and confident that everyone is taking care of my dendal health . Thank you Deb Debra P
Excellent service and very thorough. Highly recommend. Tod W
Very Satisfied. William R
As always, a pleasant experience (especially since I am not the one who got the cavity filled.) We appreciate everything about your entire team. We continue to recommend you to others! Keep up the great work! Thanks!!! Lauren B
Friendliest staff on the planet! Jill S
As he has for the last 30 years or so, Dr. Borio continues to provide my family with excellent dental care. He might be on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for in dentistry. Anonymous
Just the best care and professional staff! Doug E
always the best!!!!!! Kenneth M
Very professional and friendly staff Kenneth C
Dr. Borio was so nice and professional! Most thorough dental exam I’ve ever had. Michelle J
Very professional and thorough. Richard S
As usual- wonderful and very professional. Vince G
Another pleasant visit at your office. There was no wait and the dental hygienist was professional and personable. J Daniel H
Great staff – always very caring! Joanne Z
ANOTHER wonderful afternoon with Sally, Bev and Dr. Borio……..any better than that – NOT A CHANCE! Great appointment and even better results! Be back soon……… Mark W
Outstanding as usual! Patricia O
From the staff in the front office to the hygienist and Dr. Borio – everyone is so friendly! Anonymous
as always, an excellent visit Fred A
Bev cleaned my teeth better than they’ve ever been cleaned! They are sparkling! Terry T
Dr. Borio and his staff are the best! Susan G
Always a professional and enjoyable visit to my dentist. The cosmetic procedure on 3 teeth was quick, efficient and yet pleasant… Edwin P
Beverly as always was great! Mary M
excellentOn Time, Very Informative, No Pain, BeverlyWarm Welcoming Staff,Spotless SurroundingsCalming Music Diane F
Just moved to the area and went to Dr. Borio on the recommendation of our realtor. Very good service from his team and the good doctor has a great “chairside” manner. Very personable and knowledgeable. Will certainly go back and feel that we have the “find a new dentist” portion of the move checked off. Mark B
the staff, as usual, was professional, friendly and on time! Teresa S
The experience was quite pleasant. Anonymous
Good appt proactive approach on my teeth and gums is working very well. Beth K
Warm friendly staff, including Dr Borio. Updated waiting room looks nice. Cynthia B
Dr Borio and his team are the best. Their professional approach to every detail is very evident by the way they treat their patients. If you are in need of a great dentist Dr Borio is the one. Donald M
My experience was a great one. Dr. Borio was very friendly and explained everything to me and made you fee important. Rosa was very sweet as well. Carole G
Everyone in the office was friendly and Dr. Borio was constantly asking how I was doing throughout the procedure, letting me know he cared about my comfort and well-being. Dr. Borio has a great bed side manner and very steady hands– I felt incredibly safe with him. Tess M
Who would have ever thought a visit to your dentist was one you looked forward too???? My wife and kids feel I am odd as well…….BUT……a cleaning with Bev is one of kindness, knowledge and utmost professionalism. Can’t wait to go back! Mark W
Painless and professional. The office is warm and welcoming. A very good experience. Mary B
Another top notch visit to the office. Very professional as usual. Outstanding staff, couldn’t be more pleased. Gary C
just like it always is, very good at what they due, very professional, on time,etc. Need to get an earlier appt. out of Bloody Mary’s at 11.00 A.M.!! James C
I look forward to seeing and chatting with the cordial and professional staff. I always enjoy being greeted by Sally, she’s a great one to make me feel welcome and is sincerely interested in me. Dr. Borio has seen to it that my dental health is tended to and steps are taken to prevent potential problem. I am so fortunate to have found such a gracious, excellent and cute dentist! Suzanne L
As a long-time patient, my recent experience was typical – everyone is most friendly and professional, and everything went very well. David O
Hello I just attended my first visit with Dr. Borio. I must say that Dr. Borio has a very professional and courteous staff.I was introduced to Dental technology that I did not know existed?Planning to be a patient for many years to come. Terry L
Loved the option to listen to the Ipod during the crown experience!Helped relax me and make the process go more quickly!:) Lauri D
Bev was excellent as always. Mary M
As always, all aspects of my experience is excellent. Marilyn S
Outstanding service and support as always! James E
Always friendly and professional and most compitent.Everything went just great! David O
Mom loves you guys! Thanks for being so gentle! Alberta K
I had two appointments at Dr. Borio’s office. The first appointment was to get my teeth cleaned with Mary, who did an excellent job. She kept me informed, answered all of my questions, and above all, made me feel comfortable. The second appointment was for cosmetic work with Dr. Borio, who as always, did an excellent job. I started getting cosmetic work done with Dr. Borio about 8 years ago and went in for a quick touch-up and was thrilled to see how great he made my teeth look in such a quick appointment. I couldn’t be more pleased with his work and I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a dentist. Anonymous
Dr. Borio and his staff are extremely pleasant, professional and willing to go the extra mile for their patients. I always highly recommend Dr. Borio and his practice to anyone looking for a dentist or to switch from their current practitioner. Jared T
no waiting,friendly staff, a pleasant experience all around. Charles K
I am a “chicken” when it come to dental work, and Dr. Borio knows this. He assured me everything would be fine, and it was….the worst was the shot, and you know, that wasn’t that bad either. Thanks! Janet Mary S
Dr. Borio has always provided excellent and professional care. I trust him to provide only the care necessary. His professional development is always current and we (our family) trust him. As always, thank you! Sherry C
Bev was excellent….as usual.I like that you always offer new and improved methodologies. George T
Mary was caring and efficient, making sure I was comfortable. Kimberly H
Prompt, expert, good communication, good execution. I left repaired, informed, not in pain and not gorked out. I would recommend Dr. Borio to any of my friends without reservation. Garrett K
The staff is skilled and friendly. Edgar W
I love the exceptional staff members. Anonymous
I have been a patient for over 20 years and would not trust my teeth to anyone else. Dr. Borio is a true professional and a great person. I consider myself lucky to know him and his staff.Thank you for helping to keep me healthy! Daniel D
it’s all good even though I’m not sure I really should have gone ahead with the procedure..time will tell. Richard S
The staff and Dr. Borio are always top notch! Anonymous
The office was prepared as always.The staff is friendly as always.The hygenist provides valuable tips for improved health.The dentist give the patient peace of mind. He has done this for 30 years plus and is a the top of the profession. Anonymous
As always perfect service. still a little sore. better every day. dave. David D
Great job on my chipped front tooth. A perfect match. Anonymous
Thank you for being so considerate & caring for my needs. Alberta K
Great job Ed, Nice meeting the boys. Peter K Sr.
As usual it was excellent experience with both Doctor and staff. It’s like going to see old friends. The hygenist (new to me) was very thorough, friendly and gave good instruction and information. I really appreciate that I can express my thoughts and ideas regarding treatment and feel listened to with respect. Suzanne L
beverly did a thorough job… Anonymous
Dr. Borio, Beverly and his entire staff provide a friendly and professional environment geared towards keeping those pearly whites shiny (and healthy). Thank you! Jared T
Dr. Borio did a great job with the procedure I had this week, some which was unplanned but necessary. Important for all the eating I’ll be doing during the holidays. Anonymous
Just finished another appt. with Dr. Borio’s office last week. Got the usual treatment = top notch from top to bottom. If more businesses opperated like this office does, they would not have to worry about staying in business. He better not retire, I don’t want to have to look for someone to take his place for my family’s dental care. We couldn’t be more satisfied. Gary C
bev did a beautiful job on my teeth…..they are sparkling and feel great! Terry T
I always have a great experience at Dr. Borio’s office. Everyone there is very proffesional and extremely nice! Donald M Jr.
it was so much fun I went back the next day James C
Even though the experience was exhausting, primarily because of the procedure, I couldn’t have been more pleased with how well I was communicated with, by Dr. Borio related to what was being done at the time, as well as the professional support from Kathy.I had forgotten how nerve-rattling the sound of the dentist’s drill is, but we made it thru and I’m pleased. Jim James K
The new hygienist was wonderful. As a white-knuckle patient, I am always feeling secure at Dr. Borio’s office. Cheryl G
Prompt, Through, Happy atmosphere,Love my New Sonic Toothbrush. Diane F
experience is always great at Dr. Borio’s office. Staff and Dr. Borio are the best! Jill S
Dr. Borio and his staff are the most knowledgeable and polite dental staff anywhere.The whole team is truly concerned with their patients dental health & appearance.I’m reminded of Dr. Borios work on my teeth; every time someone says…great smile! Mike C
Dr. Borio’s office always seems to have the latest in technology. Also, the hygienists are great. Amy C
Great service,great people,great skills and knowledge Dominic D
Every thing went great happy halloween Paul T
I could not have been happier! Anonymous
The staff was very professional, knowledgeable, and kind. I love the results and had a great experience! Anonymous
Glad you used the numbing agent. Everyone was wonderful! Alberta K
He makes going to the dentist as easy as possible. He and his staff are always kind, quick, and focused. Anonymous
oh. it has been a bit too long. must realign my priorities. its a good visit when you feel so much better on the way out then you did on the way in. i can smile again. yippee. David D
Good up to date and I trust his judgement. The staff is also well trained. Edgar W
Wonderful care as always! Excellent service. Mary M
Excellent Dentist, staff and work. I’ve been seeing Dr. Borio for 25 years, and never had a single issue. Anonymous
Dr. Borio is a great dentist! We moved out of state and I still visit him when I am in town because I trust him completely! Mary M
on time, pleasant, clean, what’s to complain about? (I didn’t try any free coffee, maybe I could have complained about that?) Richard S
Great as always, Thank you! Alex S
Excellent service, good cleaning, but I think expensive. Lola S
I’ve been going to Ed for years now. He’s a great dentist and I definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a dentist, especially for cosmetic work. Patrick D
My appointment was perfect. The staff at Dr Borio is very professional when engaged in there work, but very personal when dealing with their customers. Great team. Arthur K
Bev always makes me feel I am her only appointment. Sally honored my request and got me in a little earlier.Dr. Borio always takes time to answer and explain throughly all my questions. Diane F
The procedure was done in an excellent and professional manner. Everything was explained beforehand and before I left Dr. Borio wanted to make sure everything felt good. My comfort was top priority. Anonymous
Everyone on Dr. Borio’s staff is dedicated to the same level of care and attention that he is. From the office staff who greet you at the door, to the hygienists who clean your teeth, you will find the level of service here remarkable. I haven’t had my teeth cleaned more thoroughly or more carefully ever. I simply can’t recommend this practice highly enough. Anonymous
Nothing but first class Dentist and Staff. Very professional experience and Bev is very thorough and knowledgeable in her work………….be back in 3 months! Mark W
My wife and I continue to recommend Dr. Borio and his very professional and highly trained staff. Jared T
this visit was easy and painless! Terry T
Dr. Borio is an excellent dentist. Keeps up to date on the latest technology. He is upbeat and positive with his staff. Importantly, he delivers high quality service every time. My wife and I have been going to him for over 15 years, and he is the best. Anonymous
Everything was great! Thanks alot. John W
Another great visit to Edward Borio and his fabulous staff! Susan H
Appreciate everything guys, thanks again! Alex S
Who else enjoys going to the office of their highly professional, kind and lovable dentist’s office? Great staff: warm and interested and most welcoming. Thank you for your high level of professionalism.Grandma Suzanne Suzanne L
This office continues to remain “state of art” as to equipment and technique, and the staff is sensitive and thorough — and always very professional. Those who “dread” the dentist will find this to be an experience that changes their mind! Anonymous
Dr B gets an “A+” for doing a high-quality cavity filling and doing it 10 minutes faster than scheduled. Even better–no pain. It was so easy that I think getting cavities is no big deal anymore. Matter-of-fact, I can save a bunch of time by not brushing my teeth. Better yet–all gain, no pain. Potential new slogan for Dr B’s office:”Please leave your own toothbrush chilling….Dr. B does all the filling” Anonymous
Dr Borio always aims for the best result !! Although I will be relocating to Houston, if I needed a crown … I would come back to have Dr Borio do it. He is superior….. Pam L
It was ok. Still tender but nothing that was not expected from instructions. Very good explaining procedure and what to expect. Beth K
If every dentist office operated like the Borio Team operates: children would have no fear of going to the dentist, teenagers would seek out a dentist to improve their image with peers (straight, white & healthy teeth)and adults would be relieved of making a poor choice for their family dentist – unfortunately all dentists are not like the Borio Team! My appointment today was excellent and the service and care provided by Dr. Borio and his Team was just great! Dana C
The staff is very friendly. The office is clean and up to date. Dr. Borio is very knowledgeable and knows what to do in every situation with each patient. Lisa K
Today I had my cleaning appointment and I made a comment about how cold it was, I turned around and a blanket and a pillow was very nicely provided for me! Yes I said a blanket and a pillow at a dentist office! Wow, talk about feeling at home and very comfortable in a dentist office. I really look forward for my appointments at Dr. Borio’s practice. Its a pleasure to see everyone and it is a positive experience! Thank you! Kim S
Website is great and email reminders are helpful Henry K
Beverly is excellent and I enjoyed the visit with Dr.Borio

Mary M

couldn’t be more satisified with the entire experience. And that is a regular summary for each time I have been there. Gary C
I look forward to my visit to dentist, Dr. Borio/Bev and Team because I come out feeling better about myself and health… Edwin P
very friendly, very professional, excellent dental care. “almost” a joy going to the dentist!!! James C
I originally had an appointment to have my teeth cleaned, but just prior to the day of the cleaning, I chipped one of my front teeth. Dr. Borio and his staff were able to accomodate me in not only a professional cleaning, but also repaired the chipped tooth without having to schedule a separate appointment.The chip repair also was done in a manner that you can not see where the chip occured. J Daniel H
Hello All! My visits to your office are always professional and friendly.The restoration work was very efficient! Even though it rattled my brain! Have a great day! Kim Kimberly H
The people are exceptionally talented,trained and customer friendly. This is a great practice to be associated with -thanks Dominic D
The procedure was fine. Temporary crown feels great! Judith M
I am new to the area and needed a dentist. I was referred to Dr. Borio by a colleague. He and his office staff are highly professional and are excellent in what they do. They are always on time, which is an added bonus. William M
Bev does a very good cleaning. She was helpful in purchasing a Sonicare toothbrush. Appointments always run on time and it is nice to have Dr. Borio check you over after every cleaning. Staff is very pleasant and helpful. Rebecca F
Why go to any other Dentist? Diane F
This is a high quality, exceedingly professional dental service. Susan N
Dr Borio is blessed with a great crew. Arthur K
I know the title is really bad humor but truly enjoy seeing everyone and great service. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Kenneth D
Dr. Borio and his staff, especially Beverly are fantastic. They answer all questions, provide tips for improved dental hygiene. We have recommended both friends and family to his practice. Jared T
They are totally professional and thorough. I feel complete trust. Doug E
Kathryn was great as usual! The staff is always very friendly and it is always great to see everyone! Teresa S
What could have been a very uncomfortable experience was yet again a great experience! Anonymous
There was no waiting for this visit. The dental hygienist was very thorough in her exam and explanation of what she found. It was reassuring to have Dr. Borio check my mouth as well after the cleaning. Wesley L
Excellent people, excellent service Todd B
Thoughtful, personal, attentive dental care. Dr. Borio has a great bedside manner and takes the time to make his patients feel comfortable and well-informed. I had what could have and probably should have been an uncomfortable procedure today but Dr. Borio made it as painless and comfortable as possible. I will definitely not have any anxiety before my next appointment. Anonymous
Everyone was very polite and prompt. Kathryn I
thanks so much, it was my first filling and i was nervous but it was so quick and easy!! thanks again Colleen C
Your office is always very accomidating. Anonymous
Went in for regular cleaning at Dr.Borio office. I wasn’t too impress with my hygienist techniques and she didn’t use any modern tools. Anonymous
Great Service and Great Staff Anonymous
Always an enjoyable dentist visit! Anonymous
Excellent service in all respects. James K
Very professional and comfortable environment in the waiting room and treatment rooms. Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff. Always seem to be right on schedule for appointments. Bonnie Y
How could I not love it here? Everyone is so nice! Melissa W
Staff is always friendly and the office is comfortable and professional. The exam is thorough and effecient. Noelle V
The office staff is very caring, friendly and knowledgable. Dr. Borio cares very much for his patients and his work is excellent. My experience as well as my daughters has been very, very positive. Sandy S
Best dental practice I’ve ever been associated with in the 5 states I’ve lived in over the past 60 years! Anonymous
Pleasant and co-operative staff really make you feel comfortable and that you are working with friends. J Daniel H
excellent, professional, friendly and informative Suzanne B
very professional. Friendly, everyone listens. Anonymous
I love Ed Borio and my husband does too!!!!Seriously, Your staff is ALWAYS professional, personal and friendly. I wish all businesses were as nice to deal with. Kimberly H
great dentist and hygienists, very convenient appt. scheduling Amy C
As always, my visit was top notch. Every single person in the office took great care of me! Thank you very much. I am grateful! Anonymous
Dr. Borio has provided excellent care for our family for 26 years! His staff has always been very professional and friendly. Anonymous
dynamite. thanks.don’t I owe you something? I left without paying. Richard S
I have been to at least a half a dozen dentists in my life time and have worked with many others through my job. The atmosphere, dental care, and friendliness of the staff has been greater than anywhere else I have experienced. The staff takes the time to get to know their patients. It has always amazed me, how well the staff remembers conversations from the previous visit. Visiting Borio Dental is like visiting a friend.The quality of care my family has receive from Borio Dental has been outstanding. I don’t worry at all about my family?s dental health. Peter W
The staff is so friendly and nice. I always feel so welcomed and remembered when I go there. 🙂 Jill S
The total expeience was grand, if visiting the dentist can ever be considered grand. The dentist and his staff were prompt, courteous, and professional. Sheila K
Dr. Borio’s staff greeted us when we came in. There was no waiting time. All procedures were explained. Anonymous
One of the most well-run, respectful professional service providers I experience… and it’s been nearly 20 years… Kelly M
It was my choice to have 3 crowns and 3 fillings done in one visit. Dr. Borio is very professional and efficient and I was comfortable the whole time. Terry T
I am not a fan of going to the dentist, but here they make me very comfortable. Janet Mary S
Extremely well run dental practice that thinks of everything that a client could want and need. Anonymous
I had a lovely experience at Dr. Borio’s office today. He and his staff were very professional, friendly, and thorough. Thank you! Kate R
I love the office. Everyone is very professional and friendly. Dr. borio is very soft spoken and comforting Anonymous
Dr. Borio’s team is very professional and always use the latest technology. Mary M
The wonderful aspect of what Dr. Borio does is multifaceted. His team all know you, care about you and make you feel at home. Then when you meet him he adds the level of polish and care that just ends up being the icing on the cake. In the end the service, the personal care and the expertise adds up to trust and that is the key. Wonderful Fernal B
Cannot think of any better way to perform your business. Diane F
In addition to being an artist, Dr. Borio is an advocate for his patients. Thank you for helping me navigate through this three year project! Kelly M
I didn’t write down the date of my next Appointment in August…please advise! lareausuzanne@yahoo.com Suzanne L
As always everyone was very friendly and took good care of us! WilliamH
outstanding service, top quality Gary C
The entire staff at Dr. Borio’s office is wonderful. I feel comfortable and calm from the moment I walk in to the time that I leave. Everyone is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, skilled, and kind. As close to a “good time” as one can have at a dentist’s office! Julie B
Dr. Borio and his staff make going to the dentist a pleasure! Barbara D
Love your staff for their friendliness and professionalism. Linda E
The art of listening is used by Dr. Borio in making an assessment for treatment. I’ve never had this happen so thoroughly with any medical specialty and was impressed. I”m glad I changed to this practice. Mary C
Very professional office and staff. Anonymous
Dr. Borio is up-to-date on everything. He is also very punctual and organized, which I really appreciate! Terry T
so far great, but ask me again after my first full visit next wednesday! Terry T
I was happy with my visit as usual. I will miss Maria, but Bev was really nice and I’m very comfortable with her. Melissa W
The office staff was able ro work me into the schedule on a very short notice and the filling was done in a very quick and professional manner, J Daniel H
The procedure was quick and efficient Kenneth C
Dr. Borio and his staff could not be friendlier or more thorough! Terri M
Excellent service in every respect. Anonymous
Thank you for the timely professional service. Seeing me earlier than my Tuesday Appointment is appreciated. Gerald H
That’s all I need to say. Carole K
my experience has always been the best.The Dr.Borio is up to date on the latest in dentistry and all who work with him have been exceptional. Peter C
Excellent customer service. Staff very professional and friendly. Colette S
High quality dentistry with professional planning Harold B
Dr. Borio and his team have taken great care of our family. It is so nice to have such a knowledgeable dentist that we can trust! Anonymous
great quality service from everyone in the office. I’ve never been disappointed in roughly 25 years going here. Gary C
It was my son’s first dental visit and Bev made him feel very comfortable. She was very patient and made the whole experience very enjoyable for my 3 year old. Dylan F
On time appointment, pleasant and professional people and comfortable as a patient. J Daniel H
Kept my day going smooth. Walked in having a good day, walk out feeling the same if not better. Dayna A
the gas made the visit less stressful Thomas W
With nearly 20 years as my dentist, Dr. Borio and his team are the perfect blend of warmth, caring and professionalism. Kelly M
In addition to the highest quality dental care, entire supportive staff is professional, friendly. When I come to your office I feel welcomed and taken care of. Susan P
Always thorough exams and cleaning procedures. Everything, including pre visit communications, are state of the art. Kenneth C
Today I had my first cavity filled. I was very nervous before the appointment, but Dr. Borio and his friendly staff put me at ease, telling me in detail what to expect. The procedure was efficient and painless. Anonymous
Nice job with the e-mail messaging. great reminder…not that i didn’t like the phone calls! see you in a few days. Bruce B
Kind and caring treatment everytime. Barbara M
very professional, friendly, & courteous Anonymous
This dentist and staff are very professional and also work continuously to be trained in the latest technology for all phases of dental care. Anonymous
Have just had my first visit to Dr. Borio’s office and am very pleased that I made the difficult decision to move to a new dental practice. Dr. Borio and staff are wonderful…very thorough and easy to be comfortable with. Exceptionally pleasant facility…so up-to-date and well cared for. I am impressed and happy to spread the word! Anonymous
I am very happy with the care and service I have received. I would recommend Dr. Borio to anyone. Frances K
overall professional and well managed (is that 5 words yet? — can you fix the form to not demand specific length of response?) Thomas A
Dr. Borio and his staff take time to make sure you are fully informed and an active participant in the health of your teeth and mouth! Tim T
Highly professional, yet welcoming and very attentive. Dr. Borio and staff are the best. Barbara M
Everyone is very professional and courteous. The email appointment notifications are quick and easy to provide a response. Anonymous
Friendly competent staff.. Anonymous
Catherine was very kind and encouraging Thanks! Anonymous
This was my 4-month check-up and cleaning. Doug E
You guys did a great job…i have not had good experiences in the past and you have renewed my confidence Michael G
Great care and a wonderful friendly staff! Always with a smile.. Mary Pat R
I’ve been to a number of dentists over the years and this practice is by far the most clinically superior. Dr. Borio and staff are wonderful. Office practices reflect efficiency & desire to provide excellent customer service. Sue B
The atmosphere is always friendly and going there has always been enjoyable. Well, as enjoyable as a dentist visit can be. 🙂 The most amazing part is that the whole staff takes the time to get to know their patients. This has been true from my first visit, to my last visit. Very rare in todays market place. Peter W
She always does a wonderful job. My gums are sensitive, and she is very careful. Janet Mary S
for a dental visit it was wonderful. Vince G
I love Dr. Borio and his staff! My visit was painless and also relaxing. Most people dread going to the dentist, for me it is something I look forward to doing! Thanks Dr. Borio!!! Kathryn C
A true pleasure to work with. Always willing to answer any and all questions that I may have. Anonymous
As always, Dr. Borio and his staff are most professional, efficient and friendly. Barbara D
Thanks for the birthday wishes.Your staff is outstanding. Kathryn R
Dr. Borio and his staff are always kind and professional. I refer everyone to him. Sharon, MDH
Love the internet appointment coorespondence. Patrick S
great, great, great, great, more great Joe F
the most professional denist office in the county Gary T
All staff highly sociable and willing to listen and help. Anonymous
Both Maria and Ed did a fine job, and explained my mouth needs well. John G
This is a “first class” dental practice!! Pam L